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Build the Brain the Common Core Way

Build the Brain the Common Core Way

  • Pamela Nevills - Brandman University, USA, Educational Consultant, Southern California

Foreword by Justin Cunningham

© 2014 | 144 pages | Corwin

Brain-compatible learning techniques to help you motivate and challenge your students!

Boldly take hold of the new Common Core expectations with this fresh, innovative resource full of practical tips from international educational expert Pamela Nevills. Find out what’s new, what’s expected, and how understanding the connection between neuroscience and deep learning is the key to Common Core success.

Nevills provides cutting-edge, easy to implement ideas that beg to be used immediately. Learn to:

  • Skillfully integrate the standards with current educational practices
  • Understand the science behind Common Core requirements
  • Plan innovative and creative activities to help students learn about learning
  • Master teacher-lead, student-centered 21st Century Learning activities  

Includes school vignettes, sample lessons, K–12 links, and vivid brain imagery that diagram how deep learning happens. Revolutionize your teaching and prepare students for success in school and beyond with this encouraging, easy-to-read guide!

Build the Brain the Common Core Way is an outstanding resource for teachers who are implementing our new standards.  It provides practical examples that demonstrate how to turn the classroom into a student-centered learning environment where high expectations abound, fostering higher levels of student achievement.”
—Melissa Miller, Science/History Instructor
Randall G. Lynch Middle School, Farmington, AR

“There are examples not only of ways to integrate brain-based pedagogy and the Common Core Standards, but also examples from across disciplines. The author doesn't just focus on one area of expertise, but integrates core and elective curriculum into the fabric of each chapter.”
—Deanna Brunlinger, Science Teacher
Elkhorn Area High School, WI

1. Teaching Can Be Like This
Different Expectations  
Real School Examples  
School Organization and Student Learning  
Another Strong Example  
A Brilliant Time to be in Education  
2. Teaching that Looks Different
Common Core - What is so New?  
Prepare Teachers  
How Teachers Learn to Do What They Do  
Learning to Learn  
School Revolution Supported by Brain Science  
Premium School Practices  
The Traditional Lesson Plan  
A New Lesson Plan Design  
A Different Teacher Evaluation  
Trying Something Different  
It Matters How Students Feel about School  
3. The Common Core Explained in Common Terms
Neuroscience Provides Answers  
Some Basic Information  
Know the Players  
Look at Assessments  
Common Core Assessment Designers  
Other Organizations Have Their Say  
Deeper Learning Defined  
Next-Generation Assessments and Bloom's Taxonomy  
The Common Core Standards in Common Language  
Common Core for Literacy  
Deeper Learning for ELA  
What Literacy Standards do not Address  
Common Core for Mathematics  
Next Generation Science Standards  
More Scientists, Engineers, and Mathematicians Needed  
Questionable Reviews for NGSS  
What is Still Needed?  
4. How Learning Happens
Learning About Learning  
Basic Brain Structures  
The Site of Working Memory  
The Sensory Input Systems  
Filtering Systems  
Stimulating Classrooms  
Memory Systems  
Procedural Memory  
Semantic Memory  
Other Memory and Drill Practices  
Deep Learning and Inner Connectivity  
5. So Many Ways to Learn: What Teachers are Doing
A Bold Approach to Lesson Planning  
Planning Questions  
6. So Many Ways to Learn: What Students Do
Build in Brain Practices  
Experience Concentrating  
The Brain - A Pattern Seeking Organ  
Rhyming, Rhythms, and Chants  
Thinking Maps  
Expanding Questions  
Leading and Guiding Questions  
Self Monitoring and Metacognition  
A Study and Practice Episode  
Thinking with the Brains CEO  
Developing Critical Thinkers  
Critical Thinking Skill Development through Metacognition  
Use of Media Technology  
One Last Useful Idea  
7. Powerful Staff Development for Adult Learners
Staff Development, As Usual  
Lost Impact from Training  
Look to Teachers first  
Research and Professional Development  
Core Professional Development Practices  
Staff Development, Responding to the Common Core  
Teachers as Learners  
Teachers as Leaders among their Peers  
Teachers as Leaders for Student Learning  
Close the Gap  
8. Systems Change
Education Valued  
Learning is Performance  
Leadership and Student Learning  
Soft, Definite Systems Change  
What Districts are Doing  
Focus on Student Learning  
Include all Stakeholders  
District Roadmap of Support  
Social Relationships and Educational Change  
Support Resources  
Still to be Resolved  
Problems and Answers  
9. Explain the Learning Brain

Sample Materials & Chapters

Preface and Introduction

1. Teaching Can Be Like This

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