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Building a Curious School

Building a Curious School
Restore the Joy That Brought You to School

A Joint Publication With McRel, Foreword by Salome Thomas-EL

March 2020 | 224 pages | Corwin

Unleash the power of curiosity and the joy of learning!

Curiosity is hardwired in all of us, but the longer students stay in school, the less curious they become.  Why is that?


Building a Curious School uncovers the many subtle ways in which formal education seems to hinder our natural curiosity and reveals how rekindling a sense of wonder in schools can prime the pump for learning, foster a culture of engagement, grow better educational leaders, and prepare students and staff to lead more fulfilling lives. Grounded in research, this engaging examination of curiosity shows educators how to intentionally cultivate inquisitiveness and wonder in teaching and learning. It includes 


·         A plethora of activities, ideas, and tips to encourage curiosity

·         Compelling examples of curiosity at work in schools, businesses, and communities

·         Tools for supporting curiosity in ways that spark meaningful conversations and promote empathy, equity, and social-emotional learning


If you've ever wondered anything, really—just out of curiosity—then you've got what it takes to lead your school to restored curiosity and your students to wellbeing and success. 


This book lays out a vision as to the way schools can and should be approached to stimulate curiosity as a natural part of the teaching/learning process.”

--Robert J. Marzano, Cofounder and CAO, Marzano Resources, Cofounder and Strategic Advisor, Marzano Research


“A powerful ‘must-read’ for all educators who want learning not only to be lively but also impactful and meaningful for every student.”

--Lyn Sharratt, Internship Supervisor, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto, Canada

Foreword by Salome Thomas-EL
Part I: Getting Curious About Curiosity
Chapter 1: What is This Funny Little Thing Called Curiosity?
Chapter 2: Are We Naturally Curious?
Chapter 3: This Is Your Brain on Curiosity
Part II: Curiosity in Classrooms
Chapter 4: Quashing Curiosity
Chapter 5: Engineered Boredom
Chapter 6: Reengineering Learning with Curiosity in Mind
Chapter 7: When Teams Lose Their Curiosity
Part III: Curiosity in School Communities
Chapter 8: Inquire Within
Chapter 9: Creating Curious Organizations
Part IV: Curious at Heart
Chapter 10: Alone Together
Chapter 11: Going Cold Turkey
Chapter 12: Falling In Love With Curiosity
Part V: Curious for Good
Chapter 13: The Search for Happiness
Chapter 14: Curiously Happy
Chapter 15: A Wonderful Life
Epilogue: Standing at a Curious Crossroads

This is an important book. Although many authors have written about curiosity as a powerful tool in the learning process, none, to my knowledge, have approached the topic with the clarity provided by Bryan Goodwin. Much more than a collection of instructional strategies, this book lays out a vision as to the way schools can and should be approached to stimulate curiosity as a natural part of the teaching/learning process.

Robert J. Marzano
Co-founder and CAO, Marzano Resources, Co-founder and Strategic Advisor, Marzano Research

This intriguing read is thought-provoking, relevant and practical all at once. Goodwin researches the strong links between creativity and longevity, creativity and student engagement, and creativity and strong instruction in the classroom. A powerful ‘must-read’ for all educators who want learning not only to be lively but also impactful and meaningful for every student.

Lyn Sharratt
Internship Supervisor, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
University of Toronto, Canada

Bryan reminds us that wonder and curiosity are natural forces in all of us that need to be rekindled in our schools if we are to make learning engaging and meaningful.

Harvey Silver, Education Coach and Consultant
Co-founder of Silver Strong & Associates, Co-author of The Core Six, The Strategic Teacher, and Tools for a Successful School Year

We have come to recognize that in education the key to success lies within the context of collaborative inquiry as a means for questioning, learning, and improving. Bryan Goodwin has gone beyond this general viewpoint and defined the secret ingredient for success among students, teachers, schools and organizations; curiosity. Building a Curious School provides the research, reflective activities and tools that are needed to bring curiosity to life in our schools.

Jay Westover
Co-founder and Chief Learning Officer, InnovateEd, Author, Districts on the Move

With heavy doses of wit, research, and real-talk, Building a Curious School explores a rather obvious—but often untrodden—path to improvement in classrooms, schools, relationships, and even happiness. This is a book I couldn’t put down, and I’ll read it again and again!

Pete Hall
President, Strive Success Solutions

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