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BUNDLE: Norton: Politics in Britain + Hauss: Politics in France + Hancock: Politics in Germany package

BUNDLE: Norton: Politics in Britain + Hauss: Politics in France + Hancock: Politics in Germany package

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Politics in Germany
Germans born in the second decade of the last century will have been the subjects of no less than six political regimes, seven if they lived in the former German Democratic Republic. Today, Germany’s democratic polity, pluralistic society, institutional structures, and market economy are growing increasingly strong. Hancock and Krisch argue that German politics today is the politics of a “normal” European democracy moving toward the EU. The authors discuss Germany’s course of modernization, from the nation’s first unification in 1871 and its subsequent embrace of imperial authoritarianism, to Nazi totalitarianism followed by post–war Western-style democracy. Chapters detail the country’s political culture, new constitutional debates, parties, and economic policy, and culminate in a look at Germany in a global context.
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Politics in France
Hauss’s lively and up-to-date new text looks beyond "de Gaulle’s revolution," tracing French historical development up to the present and describing with fresh insight France’s political culture, parties, interest groups, and institutional system, as well as its place in the EU and the larger global economic order. Hauss offers lively analysis of recent events and issues, including the May 2007 presidential elections; hot-button policy issues like immigration and the assimilation of non-Westerners, and the impact of the EU on France’s economic policies.
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Politics in Britain
Over the last few decades, British politics have been in transition. From institutional changes in the 1980s to more recent constitutional developments, from changes in the behavior of Britain’s political leaders to transformations in the electorate, readers must come to understand Britain’s political past in order to grasp its political present. Norton, an American scholar living in Britain for more than twenty years, brings a fresh and balanced perspective to discussions of current issues such as Britain’s complicated relationship to the EU; the ramifications of trends in immigration; the fates of the Labour and Conservative parties in recent elections; and the implications of the rise in judicial powers, among many others.
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