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Business Analytics

Business Analytics
Applied Modelling and Prediction

  • James Abdey - London School of Economics & Political Science, UK
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December 2023 | 704 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Analytical skills are in high demand but short supply. Through a unique combination of data visualisation and analytics (both theoretical and applied), this ground-breaking textbook provides you with the expertise to analyse, interpret and communicate data with confidence, to inform real-world decision-making.

Key features include:
• Clear signalling of introductory, intermediate and advanced content
• An entire chapter dedicated to data visualisation, introducing Tableau for storytelling with data
• Motivational cases throughout showing how the theory relates to real life
• A wide variety of end-of-chapter exercises to test your understanding of the topics covered
• Online examples and datasets to help you master your analytics skills through hands-on learning

Lecturers also have  access a range of online resources developed to support teaching, including a Teaching Guide, solutions to end-of-chapter exercises, PowerPoints and a testbank.

Business Analytics: Applied Modelling and Prediction
 is suitable for undergraduate and postgraduate students of Business Analytics.

Dr James Abdey is an Associate Professor (Education) in Statistics at The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

Chapter 1 Decision-making Under Uncertainty
Chapter 2 Descriptive Statistics
Chapter 3 Data Visualisation
Chapter 4 Probability
Chapter 5 Probability Distributions
Chapter 6 Decision Tree Analysis and Game Theory
Chapter 7 Sampling and Sampling Distributions
Chapter 8 Opinion Research
Chapter 9 Estimation
Chapter 10 Hypothesis Testing
Chapter 11 Bivariate Analysis
Chapter 12 Analysis of Variance
Chapter 13 Linear Regression
Chapter 14 Multiple Regression
Chapter 15 Time-series Analysis and Forecasting
Chapter 16 Discriminant Analysis
Chapter 17 Factor Analysis
Chapter 18 Cluster Analysis
Chapter 19 Constrained Optimisation Models
Chapter 20 Monte Carlo Simulation
Appendix A Common Excel Functions
Appendix B Compendium of Probability Distributions

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