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Career Development and Counseling

Career Development and Counseling
Theory and Practice in a Multicultural World

  • Mei Tang - University of Cincinnati, USA

September 2018 | 430 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Career Development and Counseling: Theory and Practice in a Multicultural World provides a comprehensive overview of career development theories with a unique multicultural framework. Aligned with the latest standards set forth by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP), the text focuses on applications across a variety of settings and populations. Each chapter contains numerous case illustrations and learning activities designed to help readers understand the complexities of multicultural aspects of individual career development. Counseling students in training, in addition to working counseling professionals, will find this book as a useful resource for today’s diverse world.  

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1. Roots, Growth and Trends of Career Development and Intervention
Overview of Historical Development  
Current Status and Future Trends of Career Development  
Summary: Challenges and Opportunities  
2. Work in Global Context
Meaning of Work  
Work and Global Changing Economy  
Work and Health  
Personal and Contextual Factors for Career Development  
Integrated View of Career Development  
The Ecological Perspective of Career Intervention  
Summary: Challenges and Opportunities  
3. Cross-cultural Issues in Career Development
Changing Work Force  
Social Barriers to Career Development  
Multicultural Career Development Issues  
Intersection of Diversity  
Multicultural Competency in Career Counseling  
Summary: Challenges and Opportunities  
4. Career Development Theories I
Earlier Approaches  
Trait and Factor Approaches  
Developmental Approaches  
Social Cognitive Approaches  
Summary: Challenges and Opportunities  
5. Career Development Theories II
Theories with Focus on Process  
Theories Focusing on Needs & Values  
Theories from Holistic View  
Theories of Construction Perspective  
Summary: Challenges and Opportunities  
6. Career Counseling Process
Overview of Career Counseling  
Role of Counselors  
Client Factors  
Process of Career Counseling  
Decision Making Process and Skills  
Summary: Challenges and Opportunities  
7. Assessment
Role of Assessment in Career Development Intervention  
Purpose of Assessment  
Areas and Contents of Assessment  
Appropriate Use of Assessment  
Procedure of Assessment  
Selecting Assessment Tools  
Variety of Methods for Assessment  
Cultural, Ethical and Legal Concerns of Use of Assessment  
Summary: Challenges and Opportunities  
8. Career Counseling Strategies & Techniques
Purpose of Career Counseling Techniques  
Strategies Facilitating Career Exploration  
Strategies for Career Decision Making  
Strategies for Action  
Building Career Resilience  
Summary: Challenges and Opportunities  
9. Information, Technology, and Career Information Resources (by Julia Larson)
Role of Technology in Career Development  
Counselor Focused Technology  
Client Focused Technology & Resources  
Multicultural Competency and Technology Use Enhances Career Counseling  
Summary: Challenges and Opportunities  
Impact of Technology on Individuals’ Career Development  
10. Designing and Evaluating Career Development Intervention Programs
Rationale of Career Development Programs  
Principles of Career Prevention and Intervention Programs  
Process of Career Prevention and Intervention Programs  
Career Development Programs with Diverse Population & Various Settings  
Summary: Ecological Validity  
Appendix A: ASCA National Standards for Students  
11. Career Development Prevention and Intervention in K-12 School Settings (by Mary Anderson)
Goals and Scope of Career Development Programs in K-12: The American School Counselor Association (ASCA) National Model  
Educational Reform and Initiatives  
Theoretical Applications: Working with Children and Adolescents  
Career Development Programs K – 12  
Career Services in Elementary School  
Career Services in Middle Schools  
Career Services in High Schools  
Multicultural and Ethical Considerations  
Summary: Challenges and Opportunities  
12. Career Development Intervention in Post Secondary Education Institutions (by Kimberly Gilliam)
Characteristics of College Students  
Goals and Scope of Career Services for College Students  
Career Services Models For College Students  
Essentials of Career Development Programs in College Settings  
Building Multicultural Responsive Services  
Summary: Challenges and Opportunities  
Appendix A: Sample of Academic Course (3 credits for undergraduate students)  
13. Career Counseling in Community Settings (Rhonda Norman and Norman Townsel)
Goals and Scope of Career Development Programs in the Community  
Community Settings  
Multicultural Approaches to Career Development in Community  
Summary: Challenges and Opportunities  
14. Adult Career Development (by Jane Goodman)
Typical Adult Development Needs  
Job Loss  
Multicultural Issues  
Modern Theories of Career Development Applied to Adults  
Summary: Challenges and Opportunities  
15. Integration of Theory and Practice
Person and Context Interaction  
Integration of Theory and Practice  
Ethical Practice for Prevention and Intervention  
Promoting Wellness through Work and Health  
Integrated Services  
Summary: Challenges and Opportunities  

Career Development and Counseling will provide the reader with a solid foundation of career development theory along with strategies for direct work with diverse populations in a variety of settings.“

Tara Malone
Fairfield University
Key features


  • Alignment of content with CACREP standards ensures students meet all the requirements set forth by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs. 
  • Concepts integrated with multiculturalism give readers a view of the “bigger picture” as well as individualized applications. 
  • Case illustrations and learning activities help demonstrate knowledge, awareness, and skills, and how they might be applied in the career counseling context. 
  • Mental health issues integrated throughout help students better understand and help the “whole person.”
  • Up-to-date reviews cover various career counseling theories, techniques, strategies, assessment, technology, and information resources. 

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