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Careers in Psychology

Careers in Psychology
Opportunities in a Changing World

Sixth Edition

August 2024 | 384 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

About the Authors
Part I • Making Decisions About Psychology
Chapter 1 • Choosing a Major
Chapter 2 • Majoring in Psychology and Preparing for Your Career
Part II • Practice-Oriented Fields in Psychology
Chapter 3 • Clinical and Counseling Psychology
Chapter 4 • School Psychology
Chapter 5 • Legal and Forensic Psychology
Chapter 6 • Health Psychology
Chapter 7 • Sport Psychology
Part III • Research and Applied Research Fields in Psychology
Chapter 8 • Biopsychology, Cognitive Neuropsychology, and Clinical Neuropsychology
Chapter 9 • Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, and Human Factors Psychology
Chapter 10 • Experimental and Quantitative Psychology
Chapter 11 • Social and Consumer Psychology
Chapter 12 • Developmental Psychology
Part IV • Preparing for the Future
Chapter 13 • Getting a Job With Your Bachelor’s Degree
Chapter 14 • Graduate-Level Careers in Psychology
Chapter 15 • Getting Into Graduate School in Psychology

This text provides up to date information at a level appropriate to undergraduate students with an interest in psychology. In their reading, the number one response I get from students is that they had no idea how broad the options in psychology are. They greatly appreciate the practical information on pay, work environment, education as it helps dispel myths and provides guidance for future decision-making. Since many students come to the material having heard that they can "do nothing" with a bachelor's degree in psychology, it is extremely helpful for them to see that this stereotype is false. My students appreciate the straightforward presentation of information and the practical suggestions in each chapter as they work through their undergraduate careers. I have had many students over the years switch or retool their specific areas of interest in psychology after reading this text.

Tamara Daily
University of Mount Union
Pre-Revision Review

I have used this text book since 2017. I find it informative, easy-to-read, and filled with valuable information about career opportunities within the field of psychology. Highly recommend!

Krista Nelson
Southern Arkansas University
Pre-Revision Review

This textbook continues to get great reviews from my students in the Psychology as a Profession course as it addresses realistic questions that students have about this field and what they can do in the future. 

Brittany Blackwell Broussard
Northwestern State University of Louisiana
Pre-Revision Review

Kuther and Morgan provide a brief, yet comprehensive, overview of the career planning process both for students who plan to apply to graduate programs in psychology and those planning to seek employment after completing their bachelor's degree in psychology.

Kim Stark
University of Central Missouri
Pre-Revision Review
Key features


  • A new sections in each chapter on Master's level careers and considerations for graduate education
  • New psychological fields have been added, including educational psychology, rehabilitation psychology, medical psychology, police psychology, correctional psychology, neuropsychology, clinical neuropsychology, and media psychology.
  • Over a dozen new BA-level positions have been incorporated into this edition. 
  • Updated salaries and job descriptions 
  • New professional biographies of relatable psychology graduates have been added to several chapters. 


  • Introduces students to the wide range of possible undergraduate- and graduate-level careers in psychology with a focus on psychological literacy and its value across many career fields.
  • Appropriate for a range of students, including prospective and declared psychology majors.
  • Helps students to tailor their psychology degree by adding courses and experiences to round out their preparation and enhance their marketability for their chosen career.

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