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A Book of Copiable Certificates to Celebrate Young People in School

January 1995 | 112 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
It is all too easy to forget to celebrate those children who are not successful in the traditionally valued achievements academic, sporting and musical performance. Research findings have shown that young people of all ages value a note or certificate to take home to parents or carers. This is preferred to praise or tokens of school merit such as points or stickers.

This collection of copiable certificates provides an opportunity to celebrate every possible behaviour or personality characteristic we could think of. Many examples reward responsible behaviours towards other people and the environmentordinary things like showing a visitor around or caring for the plants.

There are 196 key-copies, half A4 size and wire bound for easy use on the photocopier. An introduction on self-esteem and a pupil record sheet challenges the teacher to use one a day!

Index of Certificates
Record Sheet - Key Copy