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Child Development for Early Years Students and Practitioners

Child Development for Early Years Students and Practitioners

Fourth Edition

June 2019 | 240 pages | Learning Matters
Knowing about children and their development underpins a lot of the work done in the early years. This book helps readers better understand both the developmental patterns and sequences in children's development and how the context of this learning impacts on children's progress. This text supports trainees to:

- understand the context of children's development
- explore different aspects of children's development
- apply understanding of child development to practice
- enhance practice and develop knowledge.

Section 1: Early childhood context and policy
1 Children and childhood: a historical perspective
2 The current policy context of early years
Section 2: Children’s development
3 Holistic development
4 Children’s development
5 Development in the Early Years Foundation Stage
6 Factors affecting children’s learning and development
Section 3: Applying child development in practice
7 Supporting children’s learning and development
8 Observing and assessing children’s learning and development
Section 4: Enhancing practice and understanding
9 Reflecting on children’s learning and development
10 Starting from the child
11 Thinking, questioning and challenging: a critical approach to the early years

Neaum gives enough detail, case study examples and depth of understanding to help all students whatever the level to move their learning forward, easy to dip in and out of and engaging enough to keep the reader turning pages

Ms Michelle Yeoman
Children Young People and Education, York St John University
September 23, 2019

Sample Materials & Chapters

1 Children and childhood: a historical perspective

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