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Child Sexual Abuse

Child Sexual Abuse
The Initial Effects

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Volume: 179

February 1990 | 208 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
When a child has been sexually abused, where should a parent or guardian turn for treatment? What legal issues are involved when sexual abuse occurs? What impact does child sexual abuse have on family functioning? These are questions all parents, guardians, or counselors encounter during the initial stages of child sexual abuse. Child Sexual Abuse offers a wealth of information on available treatment programs, the impact of sexual abuse on the family, and other factors associated with abuse and treatment outcomes. This volume is based on the results of the Tufts study--that until now have not been readily available--describing the background of the study, the research framework, and the selection of the treatment sample. The authors then examine the nature of child sexual abuse, its initial effects, the myth of the mother as "accomplice," and the affects of abuse (18 months after disclosure). A final section presents conclusions and recommendations associated with the research, and appendixes detail the statistical test results. Researchers and practitioners will benefit from the important issues and information contained in Child Sexual Abuse. "This study was a pathbreaking one on the road to understanding the immediate impact of sexual abuse. It is a great welcome to have it available. It is indispensable to any researcher wishing to understand how sexual abuse affects children." --David Finkelhor, University of New Hampshire "The research described in the book is outstanding in its breadth and accessibility. . . . Readers will find this book to be immensely interesting and useful, whether they are researchers or clinicians." --Kathleen A. Kendall-Tackett, University of New Hampshire "This book is worth reading." --Issues in Child Abuse Accusations "Offers a concise description of the development of child abuse theory, as well as interesting data on the ''kinds of children who are sexually abused, the nature and effects of the abuse, and the effects of crisis intervention.'' . . . There is a wealth of information succinctly presented." --Readings: A Journal of Reviews and Commentary in Mental Health "An impressive initial study in the field of child sexual abuse." --Archives of Sexual Behavior "The research in this book addresses the information needs of practitioners. Topics covered include: whether to remove a sexually abused child from the home where the abuse took place; whether intense psychotherapeutic treatment is needed for the victim or family; and whether to intervene at all (for the best interest of a child). The authors of this book referred to many experts in the field to compile the empirical research. This book is arranged in a manner which makes these findings easily accessible to the reader, whether the individual creates policies of frequently treats child sexual abuse cases. . . . for readers interested, the appendix gives complete statistical test results. Child Sexual Abuse is excellent for anyone working in this field or who is interested in gathering information about child sexual abuse. The trauma and impact sexual abuse has upon a child and the family is well addressed." --Family Violence & Sexual Assault Bulletin "It contains a wealth of information about . . . the nature and effects of abuse. . . . This book is a useful data base." --Child Abuse Review

Introduction and Background to the Present Research
The Research Framework
with Patricia Salt
Selection of the Treatment Sample
The Nature of Child Sexual Abuse
A New Look at Old Stereotypes

with Maria Sauzier, Patricia Salt and Roberta Calhoun
The Effects of Child Sexual Abuse
with Patricia Salt et al
The Myth of the Mother as `Accomplice' to Child Sexual Abuse
with Maria Sauzier
The Aftermath of Child Sexual Abuse
18 Months Later

Summary, Conclusions and Recommendations

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ISBN: 9780803936119