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Childhood, Culture and Society

Childhood, Culture and Society
In a Global Context

July 2018 | 480 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Never shying away from the most pressing topics in the field, this book provides a multifaceted and extensive analysis of the study of children and childhood.

Linking key concepts, themes and problems together, this text offers an interdisciplinary approach with its topical and timely case studies and illustrations which illuminate the latest research in the field. The book:
  • Features a number of international case studies including children and military conflict, child migrants, children and networking sites, child trafficking, and children as consumers
  • Includes questions which help you to make connections between topics and get you reflecting on your own childhood
  • Is packed with engaging learning features including chapter aims, boxed sections, summaries and further reading suggestions 
Chapter 1 | Innocence
Chapter 2 | Dependence
Chapter 3 | The A-social Child
Chapter 4 | Future Orientation
Chapter 5 | Developmentalism
Chapter 6 | Socialisation
Chapter 7 | Peer Groups
Chapter 8 | Social Construction
Chapter 9 | Agency
Chapter 10 | Generation
Chapter 11 | Globalisation
Chapter 12 | Rights
Chapter 13 | Participation
Chapter 14 | Protection
Chapter 15 | Schooling
Thematic Introduction A | Politics of a Global Childhood
Chapter 16 | Children as Global Subjects
Chapter 17 | Children and International Aid
Chapter 18 | Children and Military Conflict: Agency, Resilience and Culpability
Chapter 19 | Child Migration, Mediation and Intergenerational Relations
Chapter 20 | Children and the Political Realm
Thematic Introduction B | Children, Childhood and Diversity
Chapter 21 | Children and their Work
Chapter 22 | Children and Digital Technology
Chapter 23 | Children and Identity Formation
Chapter 24 | Children’s Use of Space
Thematic Introduction C | Growing Up
Chapter 25 | Children and their Families
Chapter 26 | Children, Schooling and Social Inequality
Chapter 27 | Children and Play
Chapter 28 | Children, Popular Culture and Leisure
Chapter 29 | Children and their Bodies
Thematic Introduction D | Children and Adversity
Chapter 30 | Children and Poverty
Chapter 31 | Children and HIV/AIDS
Chapter 32 | Child Maltreatment, Vulnerability and Trafficking
Chapter 33 | Children and Economic Exploitation
Chapter 34 | Children and Crime

This book is indeed an exciting read! Written with clarity and thoroughly argued, Wyness confirms his place as one of the key authors within contemporary social science writing on children and childhood. The book provides an insightful account of the important shift from a modernist 20th century version of childhood, with its emphasis on child protection, development and independence to a post-modern 21st  century conception of childhood, with its focus on children’s voice, agency and participation in the families, communities and societies where they grow up. Childhood, Culture and Society is a formidable exploration of the nature of contemporary childhood in globally disparate regions. Running through the book is not only a committed scholarly voice, but also the recognition of an inevitable political dimension to childhood in the discussion of an array of empirical themes and concerns.  

Pia Christensen, Professor of Anthropology and Childhood Studies, University of Leeds, UK

Pia Christensen
University of Leeds

"This is an excellent introduction to the subject, wide-ranging, authoritative and accessible. The presentation of key concepts in the understanding of contemporary childhood, followed by a series of thematic explorations, makes for an effective combination of breadth and depth. I would recommend it to students in particular.”

Nigel Thomas, Professor Emeritus of Childhood and Youth, UCLAN

Nigel Thomas

Childhood, Culture and Society is a comprehensive, timely, and highly readable text with many informative case studies.  Michael Wyness offers new and innovate insights especially in the areas of children’s rights, global childhood, and intergenerational relations.  A major contribution to childhood studies!

---William A. Corsaro, Author of The Sociology of Childhood and We’re Friends Right? Inside Kids’ Culture

William Cosaro

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