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Christine Delphy

Christine Delphy

May 1996 | 200 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Christine Delphy is a major architect of materialist feminism, a radical feminist perspective which she developed in the context of the French women's movement in the late 1960s and early 1970s. She has always been controversial and continues to make original and challenging contributions to current feminist debates. This informative volume profiles Delphy and discusses topics including her opposition to the idea that femininity and masculinity are natural phenomena. Her insistence that women and men are social categories, defined by the hierarchical relationship between them rather than by biology, typifies the materialist school within French feminism. In this lucid introduction to Delphy's work, Stevi Jackson recounts the events in Delphy's life as a feminist activist and the social and political context of her work. This text is essential reading for anyone with an interest in feminism or cultural history, this is a readable and accessible introduction to a key thinker in the modern women's movement.

Christine Delphy
Activist and Theorist

Delphy's Materialist Feminism
Patriarchal Relations in Families
Women as a Class
The Question of Gender
Feminist Knowledge and Feminist Politics

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`This book in the series Woman od Ideas introduces the work of Christine Delphy, focussing on her views of patriarchial exploitation, class, gender, the institutionalism of feminism, & the social & political context in which she developed her ideas.' Feminist/Gender Studies

`Jackson's introduction to Delphy is especially welcome, since it is, to my knowledge, the first book-length English-language study of Delphy's work.... Jackson outlines Delphy's central concepts and theories with outstanding clarity and helpfully makes continual efforts to situate Delphy politically, amidst other brands of "French feminism". Jackson lucidly sets out the differences between the materialist, radical feminist current with which Delphy is associated and the socialist and Psychanalyse et Politique currents. Furthermore, Jackson refreshingly objects to the (still rather entrenched) Anglo-American habit of attending exclusively to a small number of French feminists and marginalising others, such as Delphy, reminding us that these marginalised others have often been the more influential and central figures within French feminist theory and activism' - Women's Philosophy Review

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ISBN: 9780803988699