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Chronic Poverty and Development Policy in India

Chronic Poverty and Development Policy in India

Edited by:
  • Aasha Kapur Mehta - Indian Institute of Public Administration, New Delhi, India
  • Andrew Shepherd - Chronic Poverty Research Centre and Overseas Development Institute, London

February 2006 | 408 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd

This volume discusses the extent, location, and severity of chronic poverty in India and suggests poverty reduction policies from that perspective. Based on new research, the contributors analyze both original and secondary data to demonstrate that a significant proportion of India's population is chronically poor. By weaving together qualitative and quantitative data, the book provides an important understanding of the major causes and consequences of chronic poverty.

Among the topics discussed are:

  • The factors that help poor households to escape or alleviate poverty
  • The condition of casual agricultural labourers, which is the largest group characterised by chronic poverty
  • The effect of involuntary displacement and relocation on marginal groups, such as forest dwellers, that are chronically poor
  • The impact on intrahousehold relationships in conditions of chronic poverty-e.g., in urban slums
  • The relationship between malnutrition and chronic poverty
  • The opportunities afforded by technology for empowerment of the poor and the underprivileged
  • Possible ways and means to strengthen existing safety nets for the vulnerable section of India's population
Andrew Shepherd and Aasha Kapur Mehta
Chronic Poverty in India
An Introduction  
Shashanka Bhide and Aasha Kapur Mehta
Correlates of Incidence and Exit from Chronic Poverty in Rural India
Evidence from Panel Data  
Sheila Bhalla, Anup K Karan and T Shobha
Rural Casual Labourers, Wages and Poverty
1983 to 1999-2000  
R Radhakrishna et al
Extreme and Chronic Poverty and Malnutrition in India
Incidence and Determinants  
S Irudaya Rajan
Chronic Poverty among the Indian Elderly
Asmita Kabra
Impact of Involuntary Displacement on a Tribal Community (A Case Study of the Sahariya Adivasi Displaced from Kuno Wildlife Sanctuary, Madhya Pradesh)
Ratna M Sudarshan and Rina Bhattacharya
Chronic Poverty and Gendered Patterns of Intra-Household Resource Allocation
A Case Study from East Delhi  
N C B Nath
Political Perspectives on Chronic Poverty
Aasha Kapur Mehta, Ramakrushna Panigrahi and Sashi Sivramkrishna
Operationalising Multidimensional Concepts of Chronic Poverty
An Exploratory Spatial Analysis  
P V Thomas
Chronic Poverty in Rural Areas
The Role of Government Policy  
M S Swaminathan
Technological Change in Food Production
Implications for Vulnerable Sections  
S Mahendra Dev
Safety Nets for the Chronic Poor in India
An Overview  

"In a lucid and thoughtful essay Swaminathan the role that technological progress can play in improving food security in India. This is an invaluable contribution in that it goes beyond the purely technological aspects of the problem to analyze the societal and institutional reforms necessary to sustain food security. The book is an important contribution to our understanding of chronic poverty and should be read those interested in the topic."

Raghbendra Jha
Australian National University, Canberra, Australia

[The book] is a multifaceted intellectual masterpiece that discovers various issues confined to the chronic poverty in India—the nature and magnitude; the politics; the spatial aspects; and finally, the issue of food security, agriculture and safety nets… this is an innovative and thought-provoking textbook that caries enough substance for students, researchers, policymakers and development practitioners alike who are committed to working on chronic poverty in third world countries in general and India in particular.

Asian Journal of Social Sciences

This volume is of immense value and addresses key policy issues from an entirely fresh perspective. These researchers illustrate how to go about mapping of rural context for checking the relevance development interventions that could reach the chronic poor.

Indian Journal of agricultural Economics

By addressing (chronic) poverty issues from a new perspective, this book draws special attention to people living in long lasting and severe poverty who tend to have been neglected, taken advantage of, or been less salient in the political debate. Special attention is also necessary because unless the problems of chronic poverty, not just of poverty, are properly addressed, international and national poverty reduction goals will not be met

Book reviews

The book is a very comprehensive and relevant for researchers and policy makers. It gives an in-depth account of chronic poverty and various development policies in India, and provides some useful suggestions and policy recommendations to tackle the various dimensions of poverty. This book should serve as an important resource as it provides a wealth of information about existing persistent poverty situation in India…

South Asia Economic Journal

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