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Circulation and Urbanization

Circulation and Urbanization

First Edition

January 2019 | 240 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Circulation and Urbanization is a theorisation of 'the urban' and an interrogation of the questions: What is the relation between circulation and power? How can we understand the urban as a uniquely modern spatial order? What is the relationship between circulation and urbanization? In what ways does the urban materialize and coordinate the political in its concrete spaces? What do the multiple uses of circulation throughout history tell us about the ways in which political spaces have been constituted? How is the urban historically produced through various more ancient spatial ontologies like the sea, the colonial settlement, empire and the network? What is the relation between territory, as a political technology, and urbanization?

This book is part of the Society and Space series, which 
explores the fascinating relationship between the spatial and the social. These stimulating, provocative books draw on a range of theories to examine key cultural and political issues of our times, including technology, globalisation and migration.  

Introduction: What is Urbanization?
Chapter 1 To Fill the Earth: Cerdá, Urbanización
Chapter 2 Vialidad and The Anatomy of the Urban
Chapter 3 An Archaeology of Circulation
Chapter 4 A World in Circulation
Chapter 5 Circulation, Territory and the City
Chapter 6 The Becoming-Territorial of the City
Chapter 7 Circulation Unbound: The Urban

In this timely and powerful retheorization of urbanization, Adams offers a conceptual toolbox for understanding how power functions within cities and populations, and upon subjects.

Felicity Scott
Columbia University

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