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Cities and Economic Change

Cities and Economic Change
Restructuring and Dislocation in the Global Metropolis

Edited by:

December 2014 | 320 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Cities and Economic change is a much-needed textbook, combining a sound theoretical grounding with an empirical overview of the urban economy. Specific references are made to key emergent processes and debates including splintered labour markets, informal economies, consumption, a comparative discussion of North and South, and quantitative aspects of globalization.

The text is clear and readable with pedagogical features and illustrative case studies integrated throughout. The use of boxes for city examples, key questions for discussion at the end of main chapters together with suggested readings, key web sites are designed to aid learning and understanding.

Ronan Paddison and Tom Hutton
Introduction: Cities and Economic Change
Kenneth E. Corey, Mark I. Wilson and Peilei Fan
Cities, Technology and Economic Change
John Harrison
Cities and Rescaling
Stefan Kratke
New Economies, New Spaces
Ivan Turok
Redundant and Marginalized Spaces
Danny MacKinnon
Splintering Labour Markets
Colin Williams
Informal Economies
Steering the Urban Economy
Iain Deas and Nicola Headlam
Boostering, brokerage and uneasy bedfellows:Networked urban governance and the emergence of post-political orthodoxy
Mario Polèse
The Resilient City: On the Determinants of Successful Urban Economies
Marguerite van den Berg
Imagineering the City
Edgar Pieterse
Mark Whitehead
Urban Economic Development and Environmental Sustainability
K.C. Ho
Theories of Place and a Place for Theories
Tom Hutton
Epilogue: Economic Change, Globalising Cities and the New Urban Order

An invaluable text for all those interested in cities and economic change. Empirically grounded, theoretically informed, and written in a highly accessible way to help students understand processes underlying the changing urban economy, urban governance, and the role of place. In a world of many texts, this one deserves a place on the bookshelves.

Lily Kong
Professor of Geography, National University of Singapore

This exciting and informative volume provides a series of accounts on the organisation of economic activity in a globalized world. Editors and contributors leave readers in no doubt about the extent of the transformations coursing through urban economies in the global north and south, and the theoretical and methodological challenges that arise in trying to make sense of them.

Kevin Ward
Professor of Human Geography, University of Manchester

This book provides a timely, critical and compelling overview of some of the major economic concerns of the early twenty first century. It will be an essential read for anyone interested in the role of cities in the changing global space economy.

James Faulconbridge
Lancaster University

At a time when cities have harboured the majority of the human race and the main of the global economy, there is nothing more significant than understanding the intertwine of cities and economic change.  This is an assemblage of cutting-edge scholarships in urban studies contributed all by experienced writers with authoritative expertise.  It addresses the issue of cities and economic change in such an incredible breadth and depth that students of urban studies are led to new horizons of navigation and enquiry. I have found the documentation and interpretation stimulating, provocative, and extremely well-articulated. Theoretically informed and empirically grounded, this is a collection of essays that makes a timely and path-breaking contribution to the urban literature. It stands out as an excellent addition to the expanding urban library and a key reference on urban issues I would highly recommend to anyone interested in urban and economic development.

George C.S. Lin
Chair Professor of Geography and Associate Dean of Social Sciences, Hong Kong University

Cities and Economic Change offers a lucid and fearless look into the wide-ranging challenges posed by the on-going restructuring of urban economies in a globalizing world and leaves the reader with sober and level-headed assessment of a generation of policy change in international urban political economic development.

Roger Keil
York University, Canada

This collection shows how imperatives of capital and state have wrought dramatic transformations in cities around the globe, supplies timely data on urban employment, occupations and labor markets and provides critical assessments of on-going experiments in policy and governance.

Michael L. Indergaard
St. John's University Jamaica

The world’s cities continue to expand, sometimes with and sometimes without economic growth; urban-economic transformations are not what they used to be, either in form or effect.  Charting these shifting conditions, Cities and Economic Change brings together newly commissioned essays from leading researchers in the field.  It’s an excellent collection.

Jamie Peck
University of British Columbia

'Encompassing the Global North and the Global South, this book re-examines the rich scholarship on urbanization and cities with a twenty-first century perspective.  Through a multipolar global framework, the book gives colourful accounts of capitalism’s polarizing and politicizing outcomes, the reimaging and place-marketing of cities, and the economic and cultural reproduction of space and place in the post-industrial era.'


C. Cindy Fan

still a very useful text for the topics covered

Mr Richard Kotter
Geography & Environmental Management, Northumbria University
October 14, 2023

Slightly too advanced for Bachelor students with English as a second langauge. In our case also too close to economic geography for our module layout. However, I would recommend it for Master students as the volume presents a good overview over the main features of a highly relevant topic in urban/economic geography

Ms Maike Didero
Geography , RWTH - Aachen University of Technology
September 6, 2016

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