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Cities in American Political History

Cities in American Political History

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September 2011 | 776 pages | CQ Press
Profiling the ten most populous cities in the United States during ten critical eras of political development, Cities in American Political History presents a unique singular focus on American cities, their government and politics, industry, commerce, labor, and race and ethnicity.  

Cities in American Political History analyzes the role that large cities from New York to Chicago to San Jose, have played in U.S. politics and policymaking.  Each entry is structured for straightforward comparison across issues and eras.  The city profiles include basic data and statistics for the era and are accompanied by maps of each era and the largest cities at that time.

"His volume will be helpful for those who need to examine prominent locations with a focus on government, politics, industry, race, and immigration...this will be helpful as a supportive reference for high school and college students needing an overview of urban American history."

Susanne Caro
University of Montana Library
Library Journal

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ISBN: 9780872899117

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