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Citizenship Education

Citizenship Education

Four Volume Set
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June 2008 | 1 664 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This 4 volume set brings together key articles from the political and educational literature, providing theoretical discussion and extracts from research reports in citizenship and citizenship education.

The first volume focuses on historical and philosophical material. Volume two examines the purposes of citizenship education, including arguments for particular aspects such as 'race', class, gender or broader matters such as justice and equality. The third volume describes and discusses particular forms of education that relate strongly and directly to citizenship education, e.g. global education, character education, political education, moral education, social education). Volume four focuses on material about socialisation, curriculum, pedagogy and assessment.

Throughout the 4 volumes key themes are highlighted:

- What is the nature of citizenship and citizenship education?

- Why is citizenship education promoted?

- Where does citizenship education occur?

- Who is citizenship education for and how does it affect learners and others?

Volume 1: Fundamental Issues: The Nature of Citizenship Education
Democracy and Diversity: principles and concepts for educating citizens in a global age

1. James A. Banks et al
Beyond Sentimental Civic Education

2. Eamonn Callan
The Presuppositions of Citizenship Education

3. Bernard Crick
The Democratic Conception in Education

4. John Dewey
5. Paulo Freire

The Politics of faith and the Politics of Skepticism: Michael Oakeshott, Education and Extremism

6. Ian Frowe
Civic Education

7. William A. Galston
The History of Citizenship Education in England

8. Derek Heater
Education for Citizenship

9. Will Kymlicka
Liberalism, Pluralism and Political Education: paradox or paradigm?

10. Meira Levinson
Citizenship and Social Class

11. T.H. Marshall
Citizenship, Diversity and Education: a Philosophical Perspective

12. Terence H. McLaughlin
Political Education

13. Michael Oakeshott
Diversity, Schooling and the Liberal State

14. Francis Schrag
Outline of a Theory of Citizenship

15. Bryan S. Turner
Volume 2: Purposes of Citizenship Education
Should We Teach Patriotism?

16. David Archard
The Re-Emergence of Character Education in British Education Policy

17. James Arthur
Basic Concepts and Core Competences of Education for Democratic Citizenship: A Second Consolidated Report

18. François Audigier
The End of Citizenship? The Nation State, Threats to its Legitimacy and Citizenship Education in the Twenty-first Century

19. Mike Bottery
The Civic Mission of Schools

20. Carnegie Corporation of New York and CIRCLE
Globalising Citizenship Education? A Critique of 'Global Education' and 'Citizenship Education'

21. Ian Davies, Mark Evans and Alan Reid
Comparing Definitions of Democracy in Education

22. Lynn Davies
Feminist Political Frameworks: New Approaches to the Study of Gender, Citizenship and Education

23. Jo-Anne Dillabough and Madeleine Arnot
The Essential Moral Dimensions of Citizenship Education: What Should We Teach?

24. Linda FarrDarling
Citizenship, Education and Social Capital

25. Eva Gamarnikov and Anthony Green
Citizenship, 'Race' and the Hidden Curriculum

26. David Gillborn
The Reality of Multiple Citizenship

27. Derek Heater
Rational Inquiry on Society's Closed Areas

28. Maurice P. Hunt and Lawrence E. Metcalf
Rethinking Teachers' Professional Responsibilities: Towards a Civic Professionalism

29. Kerry J. Kennedy
Moral Reasoning

30. Lawrence Kohlberg
Patriotism and Cosmopolitanism

31. Martha C. Nussbaum
Democratic Citizenship

Amy Gutmann

Martha C. Nussbaum
Advanced Ideas about Democracy: Toward a Pluralist Conception of Citizen Education

32. Walter C. Parker
What Kind of Citizen? The Politics of Educating for Democracy

33. Joel Westheimer and Joseph Kahne
Volume 3: Towards practice: Types of Citizenship Education
The Hidden Curriculum and the Nature of Conflict

34. Michael W. Apple
Citizenship Education and Diversity: Implications for Teacher Education

35. James A. Banks
Teacher Development for Conflict Participation: Facilitating Learning for 'Difficult Citizenship' Education

36. Kathy Bickmore
All European Study on Policies for Education for Democratic Citizenship (EDC): Synthesis of EDC Policies in Europe

37. César Bîrzéa
Citizenship and Nationhood: The Constructions of British and American Children

38. Bruce Carrington and Geoffrey Short
Basic Concepts for Political Education

39. Bernard Crick
The American School in the Political Socialization Process

40. Lee H. Ehman
Education and Democratic Citizenship: In Defence of Cosmopolitanism

41. Penny Enslin
Citizenship Education: Anti-political Culture and Political Education in Britain

42. Elizabeth Frazer
Citizenship Education as Placebo: Standards, Institutional Racism and Education Policy

43. David Gillborn
The Study of Early Political Learning

44. Fred I. Greenstein
Postscript on the Educational Implications of Political Socialization Research

Fred I. Greenstein
Gender and Political Learning

45. Carole L. Hahn
Underlying Values in Citizenship and Moral Education

46. J. Mark Halstead and Mark A. Pike
Understanding the Field

47. David Hicks
Concepts and Issues of Asian Citizenship: Spirituality, Harmony and Individuality

48. W.O. Lee
Asian Perspectives on Citizenship Education in Review: Postcolonial Constructions or Precolonial Values

Kerry J. Kennedy and Gregory P. Fairbrother
Political Education in England 1974-84: A Briefing Paper Presented to the Global Education Centre of the University of Minnesota

49. Ian Lister
Citizenship Education in England: the Crick Report and Beyond

50. Terence H. McLaughlin
Civic Education across the 6 Societies

51. Paul Morris, John J. Cogan and Meihui Liu
Extracts from Civic Education: what makes students

52. Richard G. Niemi and Jane Junn
Volume 4: Action: Implementing Citizenship Education
Practicing Democracy at School: A Qualitative Analysis of an Elementary Class Council

53. Ann V. Angell
Elementary Curriculum about Conflict Resolution: Can Children Handle Global Politics?

54. Kathy Bickmore
Human Rights, Identities and Conflict Management: A Study of School Culture as Experienced Though Classroom Relationships

55. Charlotte Carter and Audrey Osler
Citizenship Education and the Provision of Schooling: A Systematic Review of Evidence

56. Ruth Deakin Crick
The Role of Universities in Advancing Citizenship and Social Justice in the 21st Century

57. Ira Harkavy
'Heaven Help the Teachers!' Parents' Perspectives on the Introduction of Education for Citizenship

58. Cathie Holden
The Influence of School Ethos on Pupils' Citizenship Attitudes

59. Peter D. John and Albert Osborn
The Programme for Political Education Revisited: Another Outsider's View

60. Gerald L. Johnston
Differing Concepts of Citizenship: Schools And Communities As Sites Of Civic Development

61. Gloria Lasdon-Billings
Politics and Reasoning: Through the Eyes of Teachers and Children

62. Sara Lawrence Lightfoot
Citizenship Education in England - Listening to Young People: New Insights from the Citizenship Education Longitudinal Study

63. David Kerr
Effects of Participatory Learning Programs in Middle and High School Civic Education

64. Simon Kim, B. Sue Parks and Marvin Beckerman
Who Wants To Be An Active Citizen? The Politics and Practice of Community Involvement

65. Michael Marinetto
Pedagogy for Global Perspectives in Education: Studies of Teachers' Thinking and Practice

66. Merry M. Merryfield
Collaborative Tasks, Collaborative Children: An Analysis of Reciprocity During Peer Interaction At Key Stage 1

67. Lynn Ogden
The Use of a Jurisprudential Framework in the Teaching of Public Issues

68. Donald W. Oliver and James P. Shaver
Public Discourses in Schools: Purposes, Problems, Possibilities

69. Walter C. Parker
Asian(?) Citizenship and Identity in Japanese Education, Citizenship Teaching and Learning

70. Lynne Parmenter
The Four Dimensions of Globality

71. Graham Pike and David Selby
A Cross National Analysis of Political and Civic Involvement among Adolescents

72. Judith Torney-Purta and Jo-Ann Amadeo

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