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Communication and Group Decision Making

Communication and Group Decision Making

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July 1996 | 496 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The long-awaited second edition of Communication and Group Decision Making advances a unique perspective on group decisionmaking, complementing approaches taken in management, psychology, and sociology. Group communication processes are extremely important, yet they have proven to be elusive and difficult to understand, and the type of theory necessary to make sense of the processes differs from those commonly found in the social sciences. This exceptional book gathers together and discusses a number of strong theoretical frameworks that have developed over the past 15 years. Providing important empirical evidence, the authors take stock of recent developments in group communication research. The essays are distinctive, both in their explicit focus on communication processes and in their location in a unique intellectual tradition.

Marshall Scott Poole and Randy Y Hirokawa
Communication and Group Decision Making

Lawrence R Frey
Remembering and `Re-membering'
A History of Theory and Research on Communication and Group Decision Making

Dennis S Gouran and Randy Y Hirokawa
Functional Theory and Commumnication in Decision-Making and Problem-Solving Groups
An Expanded View

Ernest G Bormann
Symbolic Convergence Theory and Communication in Group Decision Making
Marshall Scott Poole, David R Seibold, and Robert D McPhee
The Structuration of Group Decisions
Linda L Putnam and Cynthia Stohl
Bona Fide Groups
An Alternative Perspective for Communication and Small Group Decision Making

Dean E Hewes
Small Group Communication May Not Influence Decision Making
An Amplification of Socio-Egocentric Theory

Marshall Scott Poole and Carolyn L Baldwin
Developmental Processes in Group Decision Making
David R Seibold, Renée Meyers, and Sunwolf
Communication and Influence in Group Decision Making
Randy Y Hirokawa, Larry Erbert, and Anthony Hurst
Communication and Group Decision-Making Effectiveness
J Kevin Barge
Leadership Skills and the Dialectics of Leadership in Group Decision Making
Susan Jarboe
Procedures for Enhancing Group Decision Making
James H Davis, Lorne Hulbert, and Wing Tung Au
Procedural Influence on Group Decision Making
The Case of Straw Polls - Observation and Simulation

Poppy Lauretta McLeod
New Communication Technologies for Group Decision Making
Toward an Integrative Framework


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