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Communication for Social Change

Communication for Social Change
Context, Social Movements and the Digital

  • Pradip Ninan Thomas - Associate Professor, School of Communication and Arts (SCA), University of Queensland

January 2019 | 232 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd

Communication for Social Change: Context, Social Movements and the Digital is a critical introduction to communication and social change (CSC) theory. The book presents refreshingly new perspectives and specifically makes the case for CSC theory to factor in context, learnings from social movements and a critique of the digital technology. This book offers perspectives on the historical continuities within this field of study along with the departures that have been hastened and shaped by confluences between ideas and practice as well as by digital technology and social movements. It introduces readers to a raft of new theorists of CSC and puts forth new thinking, new ideas, and a new basis for theorisation of communication for social change discourse.

Communication for Social Change: An Extended Introduction and Critique
Section 1: Dealing with Context
Accounting for Context in Communication for Social Change
Anti-Context: Infrastructure Struggles in India: Between Maoism a
Section 2: What Can CSC Theory Learn from Social Movements
Social Movements, Communications and Social Change: An Introduction
Learning from a Social Movement: The Case of the Right to Information (RTI) Movement
Section 3: Digital Interventions in Social Change: Opportunities and Challenges
Digital Humanitarianism: Challenges and Opportunities
Contemporary Digital Alternatives: Community Informatics, The Case of Telecomunicaciones Indigenas Communitarias and the Information Commons
Making the Digital Count: E-Government, Public Sector Software and Social Change
The Other Side of the Digital: E-Waste
Key features

·         The book specifically makes the case for CSC theory, learnings from social movements and a critique of the digital.

·         The book includes chapters that focus on the affordances, opportunities and limitations of digital interventions in CSC today.

·         It offers new thinking and ideas for theorisation that will be useful to students, researchers and practitioners involved in studying, researching and exploring CSC.

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ISBN: 9789352808083