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Computer Programs for Qualitative Data Analysis

Computer Programs for Qualitative Data Analysis
A Software Sourcebook

February 1995 | 384 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
"For those interested in finding a computer application well-suited for their own qualitative research or just learning more about the capabilities of the latest generation of computer software designed with text, Computer Programs for Qualitative Data Analysis by Eben A. Weitzman and Matthew B. Miles probably represents the single investment they can make. . . . In Computer Programs for Qualitative Data Analysis, Weitzman and Miles . . . provide a critical, in-depth look at 24 separate applications. The authors make an impressive team: Weitzman is a professor of social and organizational psychology with an extensive computer background, and Miles is a social psychologist who is well-known in the field of qualitative research for co-authoring a popular book on qualitative data analysis with A. Michael Huberman. Together, the two researchers have produced an informative, user-friendly sourcebook that can save readers a significant amount of time and money when shopping for a software program for qualitative data analysis. "Weitzman and Miles clearly put a tremendous amount of work into Computer Programs for Qualitative Data Analysis; they write their reviews of each application in remarkably lucid and jargon-free language in a format reminiscent of Consumer Reports. The level of detail in the reviews reflects their careful and thoughtful field-testing of 24 software programs. Reviews average about 10 pages each and actually show you what each application can do, and every review includes a series of realistic visuals (complete with helpful captions) that display what the computer screen looks like when performing various functions with that specific computer program. In addition to describing the special features of each computer program, Weitzman and Miles discuss the strengths and weaknesses of every application and make explicit comparisons with other applications in the same 'family.' "Sage Publications deserves special credit for their role in publishing Computer Programs for Qualitative Data Analysis. Instead of issuing this book in hardcover and attaching a hefty price tag, they released it as an oversized (81/2-by-11-inch) paperback and made this valuable information available at a modest cost. Computer Programs for Qualitative Data Analysis is the most comprehensive resource on its subject currently available, and is an excellent starting point for qualitative researchers interested in integrating computer technology more fully into their own data analysis strategies." --Harvard Educational Review "The book by Weitzman & Miles is one of many new books on computers and qualitative software and indeed a good one. . . . The book is truly a user's book--one of the useful ones. . . . After this first feeling of self-confidence, I just kept on reading the book and found very thorough and illuminative reviews of no less that 24 computer programs for qualitative analysis. . . . Renata Tesch initiated the work of making it easier for us to survey the qualitative analysis methods--Weitzman & Miles carry on in the finest way." --Nyhedsbrer "Although the authors have a background in social and organizational psychology, their expertise on qualitative research methods is relevant to gerontologists. . . . The authors give a history of the use of computers in qualitative data analysis, describe the different types of programs, and suggest future directions, but the bulk of this book is reviews of the software out there. . . . Before you spend several hundred dollars on a software program, spend thirty and get this book." --T. L. Brink in Clinical Gerontologist "Eben A. Weitzman and Matthew B. Miles's valuable sourcebook on computer programs is designed exclusively for those interested in qualitative data analysis. . . . For qualitative researchers who want to learn or update their knowledge of the use of computer software." --Choice "What program do I use to analyze my field notes? Eben A. Weitzman and Matthew B. Miles provide the information you need to make that decision intelligently: full descriptions, informed judgments, and helpful comparisons. Anyone who does fieldwork needs this book." --Howard Becker, Department of Sociology, University of Washington, Seattle "This will be the standard work of reference for several years to come. We owe the authors a considerable debt of gratitude for all the work they have put into reviewing such a comprehensive range of software. The result is incredibly lucid." --Paul Atkinson, University of Wales, Cardiff "The book is absolutely perfect for my situation. I don't know how many readers will be in the position of purchasing software for respective labs, but those who are will be in for a real treat. The comprehensiveness of the reviews is more than adequate to determine whether a particular program meets the needs of an individual or group. . . . It is the most comprehensive book of its kind, for any kind of software, that I have ever seen." --Steven E. Wolfel, Research Publishing Consultant "Making decisions about choosing software for qualitative data analysis can be intimidating and I think this book will be an excellent resource for those of us who are involved in this type of research. I found this to be an extremely well-thought-out and informative resource book. The detail is wonderful." --Kathleen R. Gilbert, Indiana University, Bloomington Do you want to start, extend, or update your use of computer software for qualitative data analysis? If so, this clear and user-friendly guidebook is for you. Without assuming its reader has extensive computer experience, Computer Programs for Qualitative Data Analysis takes a critical yet practical look at the wide range of software currently available. It gives detailed reviews of 24 programs in five major categories (text retrievers, textbase managers, code-and-retrieve programs, code-based theory-builders, and conceptual network-builders) and gives ratings of more than 75 features per program. The authors also provide detailed guidance in operating each program. They help you to ask key questions about your computer use--the nature of your project, time line, analyses planned, and the worksheets required--to help you identify the programs best suited to your needs. Up-to-date and practical, Computer Programs for Qualitative Data Analysis is an absolute must-have book for any qualitative researcher who uses--or wants to use--computer programs in analyses.

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Software Types and Functions
Text Retrievers
Textbase Managers
Code-and-Retrieve Programs
Code-Based Theory-Builders
Conceptual Network-Builders
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