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Consulting Start-Up and Management

Consulting Start-Up and Management
A Guide for Evaluators and Applied Researchers

© 2012 | 320 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Looking to start up your own research and evaluation consultancy?

For almost 20 years, Gail V. Barrington has run popular workshops to help professional researchers and evaluators determine if they have what it takes to succeed as consultants. This book makes that helpful guidance, and more, available to a wider audience. Barrington shows readers how to get started, set fees, find work, manage time and money, set up an ownership structure and business systems, manage contracts, and work with subcontractors and staff. With Barrington's advice and encouragement, independent practitioners have the roadmap to success!

"I would highly recommend it to anyone starting a consulting career. The author has truly singled out the most important lessons to be passed on, both of the practical type and of those related to consultancy."George Grob, Center for Public Program Evaluation

"This book addresses a big and important gap in the evaluation literature. It provides a clear and concise account of what evaluators and applied researchers need to know in order to succeed in independent consulting practice." —Stewart Donaldson, Claremont Graduate University

Part I: Consulting and You
Chapter 1: The Consulting Landscape
Chaper 2: Personal Characteristics
Chapter 3: Essential Values
Chapter 4: Political Skills
Chapter 5: Survival Skills
Part II: Entrepreneurial Skills
Chapter 6: Getting Started
Chapter 7: Your Business Plan
Chapter 8: Setting your Fees
Chapter 9: Managing Time
Chapter 10: Getting to Work
Chapter 11: Writing Proposals
Part III: Business Skills
Chapter 12: Managing Money
Chapter 13: Ownership Structures
Chapter 14: Managing Risk
Chapter 15: Managing Contracts
Chapter 16: Managing People
Chapter 17: Managing Knowledge

Every new consultant (and those considering independent consultancy) will benefit greatly from this book in many ways.”

Vinita Channahsorah
Independent Management and Evaluation Consultant

“This book is relevant for both new consultants and those with some experience for the wealth of examples and information included. It covers the breadth of the experience of having your own business while being a researcher, and a full person with a social life too.”Rita S. Fierro, independent research consultant

Rita S. Fierro
Independent Research Consultant

"True to the collaborative spirit of evaluation, Gail has generously shared her vast experience consulting in the field. She provides honest insights, useful ideas and practical advice that others might hold close to their chest as competitive information. This book will be a valuable resource for those just embarking on a consulting career and consulting veterans alike. Although we have been in business for over 11 years, the ideas and examples in the book have inspired us to improve our own processes."


Melissa McGuire
Partner, Cathexis Consulting

Consulting Start-up and Management, while basic in the information it imparts, is a treasure, covering the many aspects of consulting that should be explored by anyone who is contemplating the leap.

American Journal of Evaluation

A fantastic book with practical book for beginning evaluation and educational consulting entrepreneurs.

Mr Larry Burton
Teaching, Learning, and Curriculum, Andrews University-Michigan
May 12, 2014
Key features

Key Features

· Provides a synthesis of the management consulting literature and entrepreneurial small business skills, relating them to the fields of evaluation and applied research

· Offers an experienced practitioner's perspective on the characteristics required for success to help would-be consultants assess their own personal attributes and values

· Includes valuable samples and worksheets along with insider tips, survival skills, trade secrets, and personal anecdotes from Barrington's 25 years in the field


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