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Consumer Culture Theory

Consumer Culture Theory

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July 2018 | 328 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Outlining the key themes, concepts and theoretical areas in the field, this book draws on contributions from prominent researchers to unravel the complexities of consumer culture by looking at how it affects personal identity, social interactions and the consuming human being.

A field which is characterised as being theoretically challenging is made accessible through learning features that include case study material, critical reflection, research directions, further reading and a broad mix of the types of consumers and consumption contexts including emerging markets and economies.


The structure of the book is designed to help students map the field in the way it is interpreted by researchers and follows the conceptual mapping in the classic Arnould & Thompson 2005 journal article. The book is organised into three parts - the Consumption Identity, Marketplace Cultures and the Socio-Historic Patterning of Consumption. Insight is offered into both the historical roots of consumer culture and the everyday experiences of navigating the contemporary marketplace.

The book is supported by a collection of international case studies and real world scenarios, including: How Fashion Bloggers Rule the Fashion World; the Kendal Jenner Pepsi Commercial; Professional Beer Pong, Military Recruiting Campaigns, The World Health Organisation and the Corporatization of Education.


The go-to text for anyone new to CCT or postgraduate students writing a CCT-related thesis.

Arnould & Thompson
Introduction: What is Consumer Culture Theory?
Part 1: Consumption Identity
Hope Schau
Chapter 1: Consumers Volitional Identity Projects
Amber Epp, Tandy Thomas
Chapter 2: Family & Collective Identity Projects
Michelle Weinberger, David Crockett
Chapter 3: Critical Reflections on Consumer Identity
Part 2: Marketplace Cultures
Bernard Cova, Avi Shankar
Chapter 4: Consumption Tribes and Collective Performance
Daiane Scaraboto, Eminegul Karababa
Chapter 5: Consumer Produced, Emergent & Hybrid Markets
Burçak Ertimur, Gokcen Coskuner-Balli
Chapter 6: Glocalization of Marketplace Cultures
Part 3: The Socio-Historic Patterning of Consumption
Paul Henry, Mary-Louise Caldwell
Chapter 7: Social Class
Luca Visconti, Shona Bettany, Pauline MacLaran
Chapter 8: Gender
Robert L. Harrison III, Kevin D. Thomas, Samantha N. N. Cross
Chapter 9: Ethnicity
Fleura Bardhi, Marius Luedicke
Chapter 10: Global Mobilities
Part 4: The Ideological Shaping of Consumption Practices and Consumers' Co-creative Appropriations
Ela Veresliu, Markus Geisler
Chapter 11: Neoliberalism and Consumption
Zeynep Arsel, Jonathan Bean
Chapter 12: Social Distinction and Practices of Taste
Dominique Roux, Elif Izberk-Bilgin
Chapter 13: Consumer Resistance & Subaltern Consumption
Chapter 14: Conclusion

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