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Expertise makes all the difference. Meet OUR TEAM:


Valgeet Woods

Valgeet Woods, Senior Custom Editor

Valgeet Woods has been with SAGE for 8 years, during which time she has achieved exceptional results as both a Sales Representative (2007 - 2013) and Custom Editor (2014 - current). Prior to joining SAGE, Valgeet completed a Ph.D. in Sociology and taught for 10 years at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Her academic background, coupled with deep product knowledge of SAGE and CQ Press lists, has enabled her to partner with over 100 Instructors in less than two years to create perfect custom solutions for their courses. 

If you are looking for QUALITY CONTENT YOUR WAY, contact Valgeet today!


Shawn Pulpan, Custom Specialist/Sales Representative

Shawn Pulpan has been with SAGE for 7+ years now. He began his publishing career with the CQ Press imprint as a sales representative covering five states. He integrated with SAGE in 2013 as the Pittsburgh-area representative. After he earned Rep of the Year honors in 2014, he joined the SAGE Custom Program and has helped grow the program to what it is today. Shawn prides himself in his strong customer support, extensive knowledge of the SAGE and CQ Press catalogs, and creativity. He values education and his relationships with instructors, and he loves finding the perfect custom print or digital solutions that are both valuable and affordable for students.


Kelly Huskey Photo

Kelly Huskey, Custom Editor