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Contemporary Readings in Social Problems

Contemporary Readings in Social Problems

Edited by:

Social Problems

November 2008 | 384 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Contemporary Readings in Social Problems includes a broad range of topics from different perspectives and encourages students to explore complex social issues. The many esteemed articles included in this collection have been carefully selected and edited to make them more accessible to undergraduate students.
Introducing students to original writings on major topics in social problems, this reader brings real-world examples into courses covering social problems and is sure to spark interesting class discussion.

Key Features

  • Focuses on teaching both theory and application, providing a more contemporary view of social problems and integrating a global perspective
  • Presents in-depth material in a clear and concise collection of well-edited, accessible articles
  • Includes unique pedagogy, featuring a detailed table of contents with article abstracts; a topic guide to help instructors better integrate the material into their courses; article introductions written by the Editor; discussion questions for each article; and a detailed list of internet links for further exploration
  • Provides a value-priced selection of 32 outstanding readings

Intended Audience
This comprehensive reader is an ideal supplemental text for undergraduate students enrolled in Social Problems, Sociological Theory, Introduction to Sociology, Global Issues, or Special Topics courses in departments of sociology.

Contributor to the SAGE/Pine Forge ASA Teaching Innovations & Professional Development Awards Fund

1. The Promise

C. Wright Mills
2. The Art of Savage Discovery: How to Blame the Victim

William Ryan
3. Where Do We Go From Here?

Martin Luther King, Jr.
4. The Fragmentation of Social Life: Some Critical Societal Concerns for the New Millennium

D. Stanley Eitzen
5. Capitalism, Class, and the Matrix of Domination

Allan G. Johnson
6. Consumer Culture: An Interview With Juliet Schor

Douglas B. Holt
7. Neoliberalism as Creative Destruction

David Harvey
8. Poverty and Inequality in the Global Economy

Michael D. Yates
9. The Making of International Migrants

Saskia Sassen
10. The New Media Giants: Changing Industry Structure

David Croteau and William Hoynes
11. Reviving Lolita? A Media Literacy Examination of Sexual Portrayals of Girls in Fashion Advertising

Debra Merskin
12. Tripping Up Big Media

Gail Beckerman
13. America Transformed: Globalization, Inequality and Power

Gary Hytrek and Kristine Zentgraf
14. 21st Century Slaves

Andrew Cockburn
15. "Aqui estamos y no nos vamos!" Global Capital and Immigrant Rights

William Robinson
16. Constructively Challenging Diverse Inner-City Youth's Beliefs About Educational and Career Barriers and Supports

Margo A. Jackson, et. al.
17. The Paradox of Poverty Narratives: Educators Struggling With Children Left Behind

Cynthia I. Gerstl-Pepin
18. Ideological Success, Educational Failure?: On the Politics of No Child Left Behind

Michael W. Apple
19. Pills, Power, People: Sociological Understanding of the Pharmaceutical Industry

Joan Busfield
20. Tango Immigrants in New York City: The Value of Social Reciprocities

Anahi Viladrich
21. Welfare Reform in the United States: Gender, Race and Class Matter

Mimi Abramovitz
22. An Understanding of Poverty From Those Who Are Poor

Stephanie Baker Collins
23. Child Labor in Bangladesh: Are Children the Last Economic Resource of the Household?

Claire Salmon
24. Crime

Michael Tonry
25. Prison Health and the Health of the Public: Ties That Bind

Natasha H. Williams
26. The Global Impact of Gangs

John M. Hagedorn
27. Nature's Trust: A Legal, Political, and Moral Frame for Global Warming

Mary Christina Wood
28. Katrina and Power in America

Peter Dreier
29. Integrating Environmental Justice and the Precautionary Principle in Research and Policy Making: The Case of Ambient Air Toxics Exposures and Health Risks Among Schoolchildren in Los Angeles

Rachel Morello-Frosch, Manuel Pastor Jr., and James Sadd
30. Poverty, Inequality and Youth Violence

Ronald C. Kramer
31. Learning War/Learning Race: Fourth-Grade Students in the Aftermath of September 11th in New York City

Maria Kromidas
32. Combat Casualties and Race: What Can We Learn From the 2003-2004 Iraq Conflict

Brian Gifford

Good array of readings on diverse spread of issues, particulary in displaying transnational level of social problems.

Ms Kaitlyne Motl
Sociology, Transylvania University
July 6, 2015

Great breadth of readings in social problems and contemporary sociologists. I am pairing the reader with Joel Best's Social Problems to teach from a constructionist perspective. Leon-Guerrero has put together a get pedagogical tool and saved me lots of time. Thanks!

Mr Taylor Cannon
Social Behavioral Science Dept, Mendocino College
January 9, 2015

Focuses a great deal on issues relating to the USA. It has some interesting reading on articles on Globalisation though.

Ms Jane McGrath
Applied Arts, Waterford Institute of Technology
March 7, 2013

some info in book was relevant but on the whole not suitable for this course, good book though

Miss Kimberley Mcintosh
School of Applied Social Studies, Robert Gordon University
February 13, 2013

Perfect selection of readings in social problems. It well supplements textbook of the same same author Anna Leon-Guerrero. I recommend to my students in BA and MA degrees.

Dr Zsuzsanna Elekes
Institute of Sociology and Social Policy, Corvinus University of Budapest
February 13, 2013

Short-term class discussion class needed a complete and affordable reader. This fits nicely.

Professor Peter Aguilera
Social Sciences Division, Los Angeles Harbor College
September 13, 2011

Lots of great readings perfect for my short-term class.

Professor Peter Aguilera
Social Sciences Division, Los Angeles Harbor College
June 11, 2011

I love Pine Forge Press but --based on feedback from my student about other textbooks-- my students want more structure and less high-level vocabulary (e.g. neoliberalism, remittance, etc,). Sadly, I think this excellent textbook might be too advanced for the needs of the student population at this school.

Mr Michael Danza
Sociology, Copper Mountain College
November 9, 2009

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