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Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists’ Special 70th Anniversary Issue: Future Threats

CHICAGO – As editor John Mecklin writes in his introduction to this 70th anniversary issue of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists’ subscription journal, “The first issue of the Bulletin was a slim volume that displayed less than state-of-the-art production values, even for 1945; it was more newsletter than magazine or journal. But from its inception 70 years ago, what was initially known as the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists of Chicago aimed high.

Nuclear modernization programs threaten to prolong the nuclear era

Chicago - In the latest issue of The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists,published by SAGE, experts from the United States, Russia, and China present global perspectives on ambitious nuclear modernization programs that the world's nuclear-armed countries have begun.

In the latest edition of the Bulletin's Global Forum, Georgetown University professor Matthew Kroenig argues that:

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business research and societal impact

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Research That Matters: An Action Plan for Creating Business School Research that Positively Impacts Society

Leadership - Table of Contents

1. Introduction 1

2. Trait Approach 19

3. Skills Approach 43

4. Behavioral Approach 71

5. Situational Approach 93

6. Path–Goal Theory 115

7. Leader–Member Exchange Theory 137

8. Transformational Leadership 161

9. Authentic Leadership 195

10. Servant Leadership 225

11. Adaptive Leadership 257

12. Psychodynamic Approach 295

13. Leadership Ethics 329

14. Team Leadership 363

15. Gender and Leadership 397

16. Culture and Leadership 427

Author Index 467

Pricing for new drugs lacks transparency

The system that allows patients rapid access to expensive new treatments lacks transparency and penalises small and low-income countries unable to negotiate lower prices with pharmaceutical manufacturers.

An Analytic-Themed, Spiral Curriculum

A Roundtable Presentation for the April 2017 American Educational Research Association Conference,
Qualitative Research SIG – San Antonio, TX

Presented by:
Johnny Saldaña
, Professor Emeritus, Arizona State University
Matt Omasta, Associate Professor, Utah State University