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SAGE Research Methods Datasets launched to teach research methods through practice

Los Angeles, CA - SAGE today announces the launch of SAGE Research Methods Datasets, a new resource that supports the teaching and independent learning of quantitative and qualitative analytical methods used in the social sciences. Using real-world data from around the world accompanied by step-by-step instructions, this resource teaches statistical and analytical techniques used in Business, Education, Health, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology, among other disciplines.

Open Access Publishing Options

Here at SAGE, we are seeking to make it as simple and straightforward as possible for you to find a route to publishing Open Access with our Open Access options. Browse the options below to find out more.

Young women objectify and compare themselves more often in time spent browsing Facebook and magazines than other forms of media

Los Angeles, CA - Though it is widely believed that the media objectifies women, women further diminish themselves by constantly comparing their bodies to others’. Regardless of how much time young women devote to viewing television, music videos and using the internet, they will compare their appearances more frequently to photos in magazines and on Facebook, finds a new paper published today in Psychology of Women Quarterly.

Poverty, not the “teenage brain” account for high rates of teen crime

Los Angeles, CA. While many blame the “teenage brain” for high rates of teen crime, violence, and driving incidents, an important factor has been ignored: teenagers as a group suffer much higher average poverty rates than do older adults. A new study out today in SAGE Open finds that teenagers are no more naturally crime-prone than any other group with high poverty rates. 

SAGE begins publishing Journal of Endovascular Therapy

Los Angeles, CA (February 27, 2015) SAGE today announces that it has begun publishing the Journal of Endovascular Therapy, a multidisciplinary journal covering all topics related to minimally invasive peripheral vascular diagnosis and treatment and the official publication of the International Society of Endovascular Specialists (ISES).

Jacob Klerman Named New Editor of Evaluation Review

Los Angeles, CA - Abt Principal Associate and Senior Fellow Jacob Klerman has been named Editor of Evaluation Review (A SAGE Journal)The journal serves as an interdisciplinary forum for researchers, planners, and policymakers who develop, implement, and utilize studies designed to improve the human condition.