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Communication & Media Studies

SAGE | CQ Press is an international, leading publisher of groundbreaking textbooks, highly influential journals, and innovative, cutting-edge resources and tools in communication, media studies, and journalism. Known for their objectivity, breadth and depth of coverage, and high standards of excellence, our textbooks, reference materials, and journal content span the curriculum and represent the work of some of the leading minds in the field.

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SAGE provides researchers with a wealth of content on innovative, user-friendly online platforms. Find books and reference with ease on SAGE Knowledge, or compare complex data series with a few easy clicks on Data Planet.

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SAGE Publishing is a trading partner with both PubNet® and EasyLink® VANs and is ready to set up SANs for college bookstore, retail bookstore, online retail, and wholesale customers. PubNet® or EasyLink® orders can be processed as soon as SANs are in place for existing customers, and new customer records will receive expedited attention.

So Why Don’t Women Rule the World?

CQ Press today announces the release of Why Don’t Women Rule the World?, a book that combines feminist and political research to encourage students’ political interest and ambition and close the gender gap along the way. The book integrates intersectionality throughout, taking into account global and diverse experiences and backgrounds.

Librarian Resource Center

Librarians and information professionals are an integral part of the academic community, and a key partner of Sage. Together, we are committed to navigating the challenges of our changing scholarly landscape to ensure that we best support the scholarship of the future.

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