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Nominations Now Open for the 2020 SAGE-CASBS Award

Los Angeles, CA (December 11, 2019) The Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences (CASBS) at Stanford University and SAGE Publishing now are accepting nominations for the 2020 SAGE-CASBS Award.

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Adam Matthew publishes UK government Foreign Office files exposing a unique history of the Middle East in the 1970s

Foreign Office Files for the Middle East, 1971-1981 - there is simply no other place where one can find the same breadth and depth of historical records for the region online
– Michael Gasper, Occidental College

(Marlborough, UK) Containing complete runs of Foreign Office files from the UK government's official archives, this timely online collection provides an expansive and unique view of key events across the region, and their impact on global politics and everyday life.

From invasions and civil wars to revolutions and revolts

Explore a rich period of Middle Eastern history through complete runs of British Government Foreign Office Files

Marlborough, UK. Formerly classified documents on the Middle East from the British Government’s Foreign Office have been published in Foreign Office Files for the Middle East, 1971-1981 – an online teaching and research collection from award-winning publisher, Adam Matthew.

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists Announce New Additions to its Board of Sponsors and Governing Board: Gareth Evans and David Wolf

CHICAGO – The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists has announced new additions to its Board of Sponsors and Governing Board: the Honorable Gareth Evans, Chancellor of Australian National University, will join the Board of Sponsors; David Wolf, founder and director of Fremont Group and co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Biovec and Biovec Transfusion, will join the Governing Board.

Kenneth Prewitt selected as the 2015 SAGE-CASBS Award Recipient

Former Census Director to be honored at the 2015 Behavioral & Social Science Summit at the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, Stanford University

SAGE and the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University (CASBS) are delighted to announce that Dr. Kenneth Prewitt is the 2015 recipient of the SAGE-CASBS award. Established in 2013, the award recognizes outstanding achievement in the understanding and advancement of the behavioral and social sciences as they are applied to pressing social issues.

Examining the economics of the contemporary world: The SAGE Encyclopedia of Economics and Society

Los Angeles, CA- What are the economics of immigration, adoption, religion and social movements such as Occupy Wall Street? SAGE is pleased to publish The SAGE Encyclopedia of Economics and Society, a four-volume text that uncovers the economic processes behind contemporary issues and their impact on social and cultural life. With approximately 800 signed articles, this new reference work serves as a nontechnical resource for students and researchers across a range of social science topics.

New CQ Press text uses real-life stories to engage students in the study of American politics

A new American Government textbook harnesses the power of narrative for teaching students American politics and processes – from the nation’s founding to the current political environment. With inspiring stories about a mix of historical and lesser-known individuals such as Martin Luther King Jr., Edward Snowden, and the individuals involved in Occupy Wall Street, American Government: Stories of a Nation, by Scott Abernathy, is available today from CQ Press (a SAGE Publishing imprint).

New text connects social psychology concepts to students’ lives through storytelling: SAGE Publishing releases Social Psychology

Addressing Harry Potter, Mean Girls, and other pop-culture references, the new text Social Psychology takes a storytelling approach to teaching the science of how people influence each other’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Written by award-winning teacher-researchers Thomas Heinzen and Wind Goodfriend, the text is available now from SAGE Publishing.

“Each topic in this book is important because it is relevant to thousands, if not millions of people,” writes Heinzen and Goodfriend.