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Public Health

Asia-Pacific Journal of Public Health … Perspectives in Public Health … Scandinavian Journal of Public Health

PUA 5306 Public Policy

Kraft, Public Policy - With the right information we can develop public policies that work better. All too often, public policy textbooks offer a basic …

Health Care

Social and Behavioral Foundations of Public Health, 2e » … Understanding the Sociology of Health, Third Edition » Brophy, Sinead … Small-Scale Evaluation in Health: A Practical Guide » Bull, Sheana …

Allied Health

Perspectives in Public Health: Formaly Journal of the Royal Society for the … Health … Evaluation & the Health Professions …

OhioNET: Public Libraries

Public Health and Sociology to Clinical Medicine, Criminology and Criminal … OhioNET for Public Libraries …

SAGE Health News

Scandinavian Journal of Public Health Scandinavian Journal of Public Health welcomes a new Editor-in-Chief and five new … Celebrating 140 Years of Public Health


Nursing & Public Health Collection $1,196.70 $1,996.05 … …