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Usunier, Jean-Claude

Jean-Claude Usunier

Pearson, 2013; with Julie Lee), and Religions as Brands: The Marketization of Religion and Spirituality (Ashgate, 2014; with Joerg Stolz). Usunier …

Kivisto, Peter

Peter Kivisto

interests include immigration, social integration, citizenship, and religion … Committee for Sociology of Religion. Kivisto, Peter …

Richard Fardon

interests that include art, intellectual history, religion, politics, and …

Marc A. Musick

that religion plays in the generation of health and well-being of adults …

Hubert Knoblauch

sociological theory, sociology of knowledge, religion and communication …

Larissa Carneiro

Her research interests are in media, technology, and religion

Stephen Cranney

Stephen Cranney is a PhD Candidate in Demography/Sociology at the University of Pennsylvania. He has a smattering of interests including fertility, sex, positive psychology and sociology and psychology of religion

Morten Brænder

religion and a Doctorate in Political Science. Brænder, Morten …

Timothy Ewest

Timothy Ewest completed his doctorate at George Fox University. His research focuses on prosocial leadership, religion in the workplace and social entrepreneurship …

Uwe Skoda

Religion in India’ (International Quarterly in Asian Studies [1–2]: 2015 …

Bat Batjargal

polycentrism, social networks, social capital, national culture, gender, religion