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Emily Harrison

understanding how children acquire and develop literacy skills, namely reading, phonological awareness and speech rhythm sensitivity. Emily studied for her … between reading skills and speech rhythm sensitivity. Her PhD later …

Beatty, Carol

Carol A. Beatty

clients. Dr. Beatty recently completed a major study of high-performance work … identified three critical sets of process skills for building high-performance teams: good team management practices, problem-solving skills, and …

Anne M. Geroski

Skills for Helping Relationship Professionals, as well as Helping Skills for Counselors and Groups in Schools: Preparing, Leading, and … with a special focus on skill development, work with youth, narrative …

Jocelyn Folk

ability to comprehend and produce written language, with emphasis on studies of reading and spelling abilities in skilled and less-skilled

Jennifer Cleland

patient safety, to teaching communication skills. She is the Elected Chair of the Association for the Study of Medical Education’s (ASME) Research … on the UK Council of Communication Skills Teaching in Undergraduate …

Meet the authors Diana Hopkins and Tom Reid

their studies are covered, across all the four skills areas of writing … RETURN TO THE STUDY SKILLS HUB   From Diana … The Academic Skills Handbook was a no-brainer. Its aim …

Jane Sharp

practices, skills and attributes needed for effective study at university. Her … studying education at university. Jane was formerly Senior Lecturer in …

Be well, stay well, study well

the study skills hub Be well, stay well, study well … … is, in fact, a skill that can be learned and mindfulness can play …

Free toolkit - social media for academics

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