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Rebecca L. Hull

Seattle, WA from 2004-2006. She became a Research Assistant Professor …

Harmon, Jeanne

Jeanne M. Harmon

Kitsap School District (Silverdale, WA), directed technology and …

Marilyn J. Hammer

Seattle, WA, she investigated associations between glycemic status and the …

Timothy Duerler

HI and Bellevue WA prior to starting Mango Medical. Dr. Duerler has …

Sarah E. von Fremd

traditions, a monograph on the cultural legacy of Kenyan novelist Ngugi wa

McMahon, Donald

Donald McMahon

Don McMahon is an Assistant Professor of Special Education Technology at Washington State University in Pullman, WA

Walker, Samuel

Samuel E. Walker

Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Cleveland, Kansas City, King County (WA), Los …

Volker K. Thomas

Perspectives. Kirkland, WA: Hogrefe. Thomas, V., Karis, T., & Wetchler, J …

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Sagor, Richard

Richard D. Sagor

Vancouver, WA 98683, or by e-mail at Sagor, Richard …