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Core Statistical Concepts with Excel®

Core Statistical Concepts with Excel®
An Interactive Modular Approach

December 2018 | 376 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
To the Student
Orientation to Excel®
Section One: Central Tendency & Variability
Learning Unit 1: Mean, Median, and Mode
Learning Unit 2: Variance and Standard Deviation
Learning Unit 3: Normal and Skewed Distributions
Section Two: Probability & Sampling
Learning Unit 4: Probability and the Normal Distribution
Learning Unit 5: Standard Normal Distribution: z Scores
Learning Unit 6: Sampling Distributions
Section Three: Evaluating the Nature of Effects
Learning Unit 7: Hypothesis Testing: Significance, Effect Size, and Confidence Intervals
Learning Unit 8: Power
Section Four: Comparing Means: Significance Testing, Effect Size, and Confidence Intervals
Learning Unit 9: t Tests: One-Sample, Two-Independent-Sample, and Related-Samples Designs
Learning Unit 10: One-Way Analysis of Variance: Between-Subjects and Repeated Measures Designs
Learning Unit 11: Two-Way Analysis of Variance: Between-Subjects Factorial Design
Section Five: Identifying Patterns and Making Predictions
Learning Unit 12: Correlation
Learning Unit 13: Linear Regression
Appendix A: Core Statistical Concepts
A1: Normal and Skewed Distributions  
A2: Scales of Measurement  
A3: Outliers  
A4: The Empirical Rule for Normal Distributions  
A5: Chebyshev’s Theorem for Any Type of Distribution  
A6: Expected Value as a Long-Term Mean  
A7: The Informativeness of the Mean and Standard Deviation to Find Probabilities  
A8: Comparing Differences Between Two Groups  
A9: Calculation and Interpretation of the Pooled Sample Variance  
A10: Reducing Standard Error By Computing Difference Scores  
A11: Categories of Related-Samples Designs  
A12: Degrees of Freedom for Parametric Tests  
Appendix B: Global Excel® Skills
B1: Viewing in cells the functions or formulas versus the results of those functions or formulas  
B2: Formatting Cells: Decimals, Alignment, Merge Cells, Fonts, Bold, Borders, Superscripts, Subscripts  
B3: Freezing the Display of Some Rows and Columns  
B4: Highlighting Portions of a Spreadsheet; Paste or Filling  
B5: Sorting data in a spreadsheet  
B6: Anchoring cell references  
B7: Inserting (Creating) and Formatting a Chart (Graph of Data)  
B8: Inserting Equations  
Appendix C: Statistical Tables
C1. The Unit Normal Table  
C2: Critical Values for the t Distribution  
C3: Critical Values for the F Distribution  
C4: The Studentized Range Statistic (q)  
C5: Critical Values for the Pearson Correlation  
C6: Critical Values for the Spearman Correlation  

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