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Counseling and Educational Research

Counseling and Educational Research
Evaluation and Application

Third Edition

© 2015 | 368 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The Third Edition of Counseling and Educational Research: Evaluation and Application emphasizes the importance of being a good consumer of research and teaches readers how to conduct research in practice. Written in an engaging, conversational tone, the book uses concrete examples from professional literature to demonstrate how to effectively evaluate and interpret research articles—without relying on discipline-specific jargon. The Third Edition features new examples, updated research, a new chapter on single-subject research, a new chapter on the use of technology and research, and much more.
Foreword, by Varda Konstam
1. Science and the Research Process
2. Searching Articles in Professional Journals and Online Databases
3. Basics of Statistical Methods
4. Quantitative Research and Research Designs
5. Qualitative Research Methods
6. Basics of Qualitative Research Data Analysis
7. Mixed Methods Research
8. Single-Case and Single-Subject Research Designs
9. Evidence-Based Research Methods
10. Ethics and Research
11. Evaluating the Literature Review
12. Evaluating the Purpose Statement and Hypotheses
13. Evaluating the Methods Section: Sampling Methods
14. Evaluating the Methods Section: Procedures
15. Evaluating the Methods Section: Instruments
16. Evaluating the Results Section
17. Evaluating the Discussion Section
18. Developing a Research Proposal and Conducting Research in Practice
19. Development and Application of Program Evaluation Research
20. The Use of Technology in Research
21. Current and Future Issues in Counseling and Educational Research
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"Houser is the best text available for a master’s level course that examines research from the perspective of counseling practitioners rather than researchers."

Annette F. Nelligan, University of Maine

"Houser describes research methodology and techniques in a way that novice researchers can understand. This book is written in a wonderful transparent style."

Delila Owens, Indiana Wesleyan University

"The Counseling and Educational Research text is a wonderful way to help familiarize Masters-level counseling students with the research process, and how it can be used to enhance their own understanding of research. It is a practical and easy read…I would recommend it for any Master-level counseling course."

Ja’net M. Seward, Midwestern University

"Houser is an exceptional writer whose examples and explanations assist each one of us in understanding the complexity of research.”

Jo Ann Jankoski, Penn State University

"This textbook is timely, relevant, and student friendly."

Lakitta Johnson, Jackson State University

"This text is an effective tool in counseling research education.  It reads easy and is clear in both clarity and flow."

Shon D. Smith, Argosy University, Sarasota

Throughout the book, I was struck with Houser’s lucidity and skill in summarising. Overall the short, well-researched chapters do work. As a Third Edition, the book has many updated features. The book is both generally useful and particularly suitable for those in the education and counselling ??????fields.

Dr Anuradha J Bakshi
British Journal of Guidance and Counselling

A nice overview and introduction to research in a non-technical way.

Dr James Payne
School Of Health Professions, South University-Savannah
March 28, 2016

Lots of practical examples of research geared towards counselors. My students appreciate this!!

Mr Eric Baltrinic
Department of School Psychology, Higher Education, & Counselor Education, University Of Toledo
December 13, 2014

Book covered the different parts of journal article ALONG with stats and research design. Easy for students to read without lots of embedded formulas.

Dr Elisabeth Suarez
Counseling, Gordon-Conwell Theol Seminary
October 10, 2014
Key features


  • New chapter on the Basics of Qualitative Research Data Analysis
  • New chapter on Single-Case and Single-Subject Research Designs
  • New chapter on The Use of Technology in Research
  • New and expanded discussions on qualitative research, ethical violations in research, and how to interpret qualitative research
  • New and updated examples, articles, data, and references  


  • Emphasis on evaluating articles in the literature helps students become good consumers of research 
  • Focus on evidence-based research methods helps bridge the gap between theory and practice
  • Extremely well-organized material, with complex topics broken into easy-to-understand chunks of information
  • Journal articles analyzed from beginning to end to illustrate thorough methods of evaluation and interpretation in their entirety
  • Strong coverage of qualitative methods, program evaluation, and mixed methods
  • ACA ethical guidelines included

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