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Counselling Adolescents

Counselling Adolescents
The Proactive Approach for Young People

Fourth Edition
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November 2015 | 360 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This is the definitive guide to counselling adolescents. Now in its fourth edition, this bestseller has introduced thousands of trainees and practitioners to the theory, principals, skills and techniques of proactively counselling this client group.


New to the fourth edition:


- A new chapter on the contemporary context of adolescence, exploring the challenges, opportunities and influences facing young people today.


- A new chapter on the use of technology when counselling young people


- Useful links to relevant online resources at the end of each chapter


- Updates to all chapters reflecting more recent understanding, research and literature


- Additional case studies to help trainees apply theory and strategies to practice


A multi-disciplinary book which recognises that a diversity of needs requires a diversity of approaches and skills, it uses case studies and examples to demonstrate this in a variety of settings. It is essential reading for trainees and practitioners in counselling, social work, the allied health professions and education.

Preface to the fourth edition
Understanding the young person
The nature of adolescence
The influence of childhood experiences
Young people’s environments
Challenges for young people
The contemporary context of adolescence
The development of mental health problems
Proactive counselling for young people
Making counselling relevant for young people
Foundations of the proactive approach
The proactive process for counselling young people
Making use of adolescent communication processes
Useful counselling micro-skills
Promoting change in young people
Maintaining a collaborative relationship
Counselling strategies
Symbolic strategies
Creative strategies
Behavioural and cognitive behavioural strategies
Psycho-educational strategies
The use of technology when counselling young people
Proactive counselling in practice
Professional and ethical issues
Case studies

I am thrilled that this book has been updated as it is a stalwart in my teaching of counselling to both school counsellors and psychologists. The book is a fantastic, easy to read resource which refreshes experienced practitioners as well as informing students new to the profession. Professor Marilyn Campbell, School of Cultural and Professional Learning, Queensland University of Technology. 

Marilyn Campbell
Queensland University of Technology
Marilyn Campbell

The authors are thorough in their treatment of all aspects of the nature and challenges of adolescence, the fundamentals of the proactive approach to counselling, descriptions of a wide range of skills and strategies, and of how these are to be applied ethically and professionally. The layout is clear and attractive, making it easy to use as a textbook and also for quick reference. Practitioners, student, trainers and lecturers would find this book up to date, interesting and accessible.

Nina Rye
BACP Children & Young People

A very thorough textbook and certainly one I will recommend to those students working with younger clients.

Dr Simon Whalley
School of Psychotherapy, Regent's University
May 27, 2016

Excellent book, very accessible and I particularly liked the accompanying activities which can be used to develop confidence and practice skills

Ms rachel mcmanus
Faculty of Health & Wellbeing, Sheffield Hallam University
July 29, 2016

A very well revised edition that builds on the previous work by the authors. Informative, theoretical and practical. Good for teaching and a great source for students.

Dr Serahni Symington
Psychology , Cornerstone Institute
April 5, 2016

classic text on technique and theory

Dr Sarah Taylor
Counselling & Psychotherapy with Children and Young People , Northern Guild of Psychotherapy
March 15, 2016

Really lovely book, simple and clear lay out. Great interventions and information regarding developmental aspects of young people in relation to counselling. I will use this book to create my CPD course and I will recommend this book to my student/vounteers

Miss Gemma Turpin
Psychology , City College Plymouth
December 17, 2015

This is a classic text and invaluable for students working with young people.

Dr Sarah Taylor
Psychotherapy, Northern Guild of
February 4, 2016

Well structured and clearly focused on youth. Very useful companion website. Many practical exercises.

Dr Komalsingh Rambaree
Department of Social Work and Psychology, Gavle University
October 29, 2015

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