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Covering the Community

Covering the Community
A Diversity Handbook for Media

March 1999 | 192 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

"The text is suitable for all journalism courses and should be required with the AP Stylebook .It would be excellent for broadcast, print, public relations, and advertising courses alike. Mini case studies clarify all these mass communication areas. Faced with the challenges of fairness and balance, the text will be an asset to students entering the filed today."

--Journalism and Mass communication Educator

Today's reporters need to understand differences and be able to report on diverse individuals and communities accurately and sensitively. This inexpensive and slim pocketbook is the perfect supplement to help your students achieve these crucial contemporary skills.

Examining Diversity
Preparing for a Diversity Story
Gathering News With a Cultural Spin
Interviewing with Awareness
Writing and Editing the Diversity Story
Catching the Image Through Photography and Graphics
Shaping Broadcast Decisions
Practicing Diversity in Public Relations and Advertising
Going to the Source
Reporters' Resources, Ethics Codes and Laws

Sample Materials & Chapters

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Chapter 1


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ISBN: 9780761985136

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