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Crisis Intervention and Time-Limited Cognitive Treatment

Crisis Intervention and Time-Limited Cognitive Treatment

September 1995 | 440 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
"In these turbulent times, thorough grounding in crisis intervention and cognitive approaches are important components of every practitioner's repertoire. The chapters in this volume provide highly informative, up-to-date, and practical resources for the application of these interrelated approaches to many major crisis situations in which we must prepare ourselves and our students to intervene. This is an excellent resource for my graduate students and community training interns." --John Kalafat, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, Spalding University and Co-Chair, School Committee, American Association of Suicidology "In a world of increasing global awareness of violence and disaster coupled with decreasing budgets and an emphasis on briefer interventions, practitioners need to expand and modify intervention strategies. The contributors to this volume present a wide range of techniques within Albert R. Roberts's crisis intervention model. For those in the trauma field, this book is a wealth of information and referral sources." --Mary Beth Williams, Ph.D., LCSW, Trauma Recover Education & Counseling Center, Warrenton, Virginia "Albert R. Roberts has provided a much-needed text that belongs on every criminal justice professional's bookshelf. Crisis Intervention and Time-Limited Cognitive Treatment covers the emerging trends within the field in an outstanding manner." --Harvey Wallace, J.D., Director, Victims Institute and Professor, Department of Criminal Justice, California State University, Fresno "Albert R. Roberts's edited book is the most comprehensive book I have seen on the application of cognitive therapy to the practice of crisis intervention and time-limited treatment. Crisis Intervention and Time-Limited Cognitive Treatment will be necessary reading by all mental health and social service administrators and practitioners who are often struggling to respond to the changing realities brought about by managed care. This is the first book to provide a national perspective on 24-hour crisis hotlines, cognitive therapy, and crisis intervention units of community mental health centers. it includes detailed information on crisis intervention and 24-hour crisis hotlines in every state in the nation. This exceptionally well-written book also includes valuable guidelines, practice wisdom, and cognitive therapy techniques for intervening with domestic stalking victims, battered women, rape victims, persons with sexual disorders, persons with AIDS, disaster victims, and families of homicide victims. This groundbreaking, provocative volume does an excellent job of integrating theory and foundation skills with the latest brief cognitive therapy technology in dealing with a wide range of client problems that practitioners deal with on a regular basis. I predict that this timely book will become a classic for all of us who strive to resolve acute psychological as well as situational crises." --Gilbert J. Greene, Associate Professor of Social Work, The Ohio State University "Albert R. Roberts's new volume significantly extends his earlier groundbreaking work in the field of crisis intervention by showing how cognitive approaches can help clients cope with a wide variety of crises. Using detailed case histories, Roberts and his contributors have shown how short-term treatment can play a major role in helping people regain their equilibrium when faced with high-risk situations." --Bernard Bloom, Professor Emeritus of Psychology, University of Colorado at Boulder "With the publication of this book, Dr. Roberts has met a critical need. At a time when a wide range of criminal justice and other professionals are called upon to respond to individuals and communities in crisis situations, Dr. Roberts has developed an outstanding resource and most inclusive book on crisis intervention. The thorough presentation of both established and cutting-edge strategies, crisis treatment, trauma therapy, and survivors' services will make this book the essential tool for criminologists, criminal justice professors, victimologists, forensic psychologists, as well as service providers. This volume is packed with vivid case examples and practical step-by-step applications, and up-to-date information about how to help persons in crisis, including suicide attempters, disaster victims, hostages, stalking victims, rape victims, and parents of murdered children. The book also includes a 90-page directory of suicide prevention agencies, rape crisis programs, battered women's shelters, addiction treatment programs, and victim assistance programs." --Jane Nady Burnley, Ph.D., Executive Director, VALOR: Victims' Assistance Legal Organization, Inc. and former Director,

Albert R Roberts and Sophia F Dziegielewski
Foundation Skills and Applications of Crisis Intervention and Cognitive Therapy
Bruce S Liese
Integrating Crisis Intervention, Cognitive Therapy and Triage
Albert R Roberts
The Structure and Function of Crisis Intervention Programs in the United States
Sophia F Dziegielewski and Albert R Roberts
Stalking Victims and Survivors
Identification, Legal Remedies and Crisis Treatment

Patricia A Resick and Mindy Mechanic
Brief Cognitive Therapies for Rape Victims
Thomas Strentz
Crisis Intervention and Survival Strategies for Victims of Hostage Situations
Marlene A Young
Crisis Response Teams in the Aftermath of Disasters
Ann A Abbott
Repetitive Life Patterns and Coping with the Crisis of Unemployment
Elaine P Congress
Clinical Issues in Time Limited Treatment with Women
Grace H Christ, Rosemary Moynihan and Les Gallo-Silver
Crisis Intervention with AIDS Patients and Their Families
Judith Waters and Eric Finn
Handling Client Crises Effectively on the Telephone
Anne L Horton
Sex-Related Hotline Calls
Types, Interventions and Guidelines


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