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Critical Thinking: Analyzing Problems and Decisions

Critical Thinking: Analyzing Problems and Decisions

June 2008 | SAGE Publications, Inc

This program uses illustrative vignettes and group discussions to explore the problem solving process. It introduces a problem solving methodology of accepting and defining the problem, considering alternatives, exploring alternatives, devising solutions and plans of action, and evaluating the efficacy of solutions. The DVD features critical thinking expert and Thinking Critically author John Chaffee.

John Chaffee - Host & Consultant
Elana Joffe - Executive Producer
Justin Baer - Executive Producer
Sarah Grady (Script Writer/Producer)
Mark Levers - Narration
India Barton Rose - Narration
Janet Olshansky - Participant
Saul Fuentes - Participant
Video Crew:
James Strzelinski
Michael Hill
Jeff Sousa
Eliza Subotowicz
Chris Leone
Amanda Jacques

This product is close-captioned.

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ISBN: 9781483373430