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Cultural Proficiency

Cultural Proficiency
A Manual for School Leaders

Fourth Edition

August 2018 | 360 pages | Corwin
Part I. Understanding Cultural Proficiency
Chapter 1: Cultural Proficiency  
Chapter 2: A Cultural and Historical Context for Our Unfolding Democracy  
Chapter 3: Leadership for Today's Schools  
Chapter 4: Framing Your Work With the Cultural Proficiency Tools  
Part II. Using the Tools of Cultural Proficiency
Chapter 5: The Tool: Overcoming Barriers  
Chapter 6: The Tool: The Guiding Principles of Cultural Proficiency  
Chapter 7: The Tool: The Cultural Proficiency Continuum  
Chapter 8: The Tool: The Essential Elements  
Part III. Making the Commitment to Cultural Proficiency
Chapter 9: Commit to Action  
Chapter 10: A Note to Those Preparing School Leaders  
Introduction to Learning Strategies  
Resource A: Understanding Diversity  
Resource B: Getting to Know Myself  
Resource C: Getting to Know Your Colleagues and Your Organization  
Resource D: Understanding Power and Privilege  
Resource E: Going Deeper With the Principles  
Resource F: Going Deeper With the Continuum  
Resource G: Going Deeper With the Essential Elements  
Resource H: Book Study Guide  
Resource I: Cultural Proficiency Books’ Essential Questions  
Prefaces to Prior Editions
Additional Suggested Readings

"The 4th edition of Cultural Proficiency: A Manual for School Leaders provides a structure for educators to reflect on their leadership, the students, faculty, and community they serve, and to consider whether their practices create a school environment where all students achieve and each stakeholder feels valued. With updated ideas, learning strategies, and case studies, Randall, Kikanza, Raymond, and Delores masterfully guide readers in the process of self-reflection and the necessity for school leaders to be culturally proficient leaders. This manual is a must read for all leaders in education!"

Toby W. Heusser, Equity Teacher Specialist, and Eric Louérs Phillips, Supervisor Accelerating Achievement & Equity
Frederick County Public Schools

"This book is a riveting and unparalleled resource for all educational merchants of hope.  Cultural proficiency is the conduit of fortified relationships built to garner the greatest awareness of our individual and collective differences and similarities.  The insights, learning strategies, and professional development structures in this edition illuminate a path for all leaders to successfully commit to the journey of being equity champions!"

Dr. Erick E. Witherspoon, National Director of Equity Professional Development Services
Generation Ready

"There is no greater honor than to have one’s professional work become the inspiration for a new way of thinking and transformative literature and action that changes the world for schools and the children and youth they serve. I am grateful that the ideas first presented in 1989 have been so skillfully brought to scale by the authors of Cultural Proficiency: A Manual for School Leaders, 4th Edition."

Dr. Terry L. Cross, MSW, Founder and Senior Advisor
National Indian Child Welfare Association

"One of the most relevant books that provide not only the foundation for culturally proficient leadership but also, the tools and resources to assist our educational leadership candidates on an inside-out reflective journey. The case stories, provide appropriate learning context for dialogue on confronting individual and institutional biases and assumptions, analysis for diversity and inclusion, and action planning for altering educational policies and practices."

Dr. Becky G. Sumbera
California State University, San Bernardino

"The handbook offers a well-thought out and carefully structured program that can alter the world-view of participants and tilt them toward understanding what it means to become a truly inclusive society. It provides tools for specific skills training so that each person may develop competent interactions within their own social world. I am pleased to see this wonderful handbook entering into its fourth iteration, updated in ways that maintain and move the ever-essential mission of training culturally proficient individuals."

Dr. Michele Daniel, Jungian Analyst
Private Practice

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