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Culture and the Making of Identity in Contemporary India

Culture and the Making of Identity in Contemporary India

First Edition
Edited by:

Cultural Studies

June 2018 | 276 pages | SAGE India
This collection of 17 original essays provides insights into the various ways in which the interrelated issues of culture, identity and Indianness are expressed in contemporary times. The contributions range from detailed and scholarly essays to critical reviews of literature and reflections on experience. The contributors, distinguished specialists writing for a general readership, outline and evaluate significant developments since Independence in their respective fields.
B G Deshmukh
Kamala Ganesh
Fields of Culture: Conversations and Contestations

Kapila Vatsyayan
From Interior Landscapes into Cyberspace
Fluidity and Dynamics of Tradition

Ashok Ranade
From Sankara to Fusion
An Indian Musical Spectrum

Tapati Guha-Thakurta
Lineages of the Modern in Indian Art
The making of a National History

Meenakshi Mukherjee
Divided by a Common Language
Novel in India, in English and in English Translation

Dilip Chitre
Translating Sensibility
U R Ananthamurthy
What does Translation Mean in India?
Anuradha Kapur
Interculturalism and the Question of Body
Vijaya Mehta
Interculturalism and Intraculturalism in Theatre
A Personal Response

Vimla Bahuguna
Stri Shakti
Dimensions of Woman Power in India

Usha Thakkar
Vimla Bahuguna and the Legacy of Gandhian Politics
Vidyut Bhagwat
Heritage of Bhakti
Sant Women's Writings in Marathi

Devaki Jain
Feminism and Feminist Expression
A Dialogue

Uma Chakravarti
`Re' Inscribing the Past
Inserting Women into Indian History

Mariam Dossal
The Humanist Perspective and the Civilising Role of History
Claude Alvares
Indigenous Knowledges and the Hegemony of Science
Gita Chadha
Towards an Informed Science Criticism
The Debate on Science in Post-Independence India


Truly interdisciplinary in nature...The articles are written by some very distinguished scholars and practitioners including poets and activists...All the articles provide a discourse on Indian culture, providing a link between knowledge, culture and identity. This book will be of immense interest to researchers working on Indian culture

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