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Culture-Centered Counseling Interventions

Culture-Centered Counseling Interventions
Striving for Accuracy

  • Paul B. Pedersen - Syracuse University (Emeritus); University of Hawaii (Visiting) , Maastricht School of Management

March 1997 | 344 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Should culture play a central role in counseling? What are the advantages of making culture central in the counseling process? Can culture-centered counseling strengthen the field of counseling? Taking an active approach to breaking down cultural barriers, Culture-Centered Counseling Interventions recognizes culture as a barrier and brings a true understanding of culture into the therapeutic context. Author Paul B. Pedersen emphasizes that once counselors truly understand the culture of their patients, cultural understanding can be used as a tool of accuracy-indispensable to the practice of good counseling. In this practical guide, the culture-centered process is modeled as a principal dimension in counseling. Exercises and applications are included in each chapter of the book, clearly demonstrating how the course might be taught. In addition, thought-provoking "culture notes" are interspersed throughout the text and provide the reader with helpful insights and challenges. Introducing the reader to specific ways of making culture central to counseling, Culture-Centered Counseling Interventions is the ideal resource for courses in clinical and counseling psychology, multicultural and cross-cultural psychology, social work, and nursing.

Defining Culture in Context
Managing Culturally Learned Assumptions
Managing the Cultural Context
Asian and Non-Western Contexts
Religious and Spiritual Contexts
International Student Contexts
Family Therapy in a Systemic Context
Culture-Centered Counseling Skills
Finding Common Ground Using the Cultural Grid
Culture-Centered Ethics
Culture-Centered Controversies

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ISBN: 9780761902508