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Daily Routines to Jump-Start Math Class, Grades 6-8

Daily Routines to Jump-Start Math Class, Grades 6-8
Engage Students, Improve Number Sense, and Practice Reasoning

July 2018 | 248 pages | Corwin
Part I: Why Jump-Start Routines?
The First Few Minutes of Mathematics Class
Why the Traditional Warmup Doesn’t Work  
The Problem with Going Over Homework  
Jump-start Routines: New Warmups for a New Era
Routines for Reasoning in Mathematics  
Routines for Improving Number Sense and Fluency  
Building Number Sense and Fluency Over Time with Routines  
10,000 Hours of Practice  
Routines that Satisfy the Need for Quality Practice  
Routines for Achieving Improved Performance  
Routines for Rehabilitating Number Pluckers, Pluggers, and Crunchers  
Routines for Growth Mindset  
Routines to Honor and Leverage Errors  
Routines to Actively Develop Confidence  
Implementing Jump-Start Routines
Routines that are Ready for Use  
Flexible Use  
Timing of Routines: How Long? When?  
Which Routines to Use?  
Plan for the Routine
Select the Routine  
Routines Set the Stage for Meaningful Discourse  
Practical Advice for Routines
Modify, Modify, Modify  
Identifying or Creating the Content or Topics  
Using Routines Formatively  
Be Committed and Creative  
Part II: The Routines
Picture It
Where’s the Point?
Is This the End?
That’s a Fact
Math Yapper
Broken Numbers
It’s About
The Best Tool
Relating Three
Two Columns
Numbered Star
Express It
Relating Without Calculating
More or Less
Somewhere in Between
Patterns and Generalizations
If I know This
What It Takes to Make
Two Truths and a Lie
Part III: Where to Go Next
Make a Plan
Identify Content for Routines  
Identify Routines  
Determine the Rotation  
Give It Time  
Set Goals  
Adjust to Their Adjustments
Further Modifying Routines
Design Your Own Routines
Work Collaboratively and Share the Load
Jumpstart Mathematics Engagement, Number Sense, and Reasoning


“Too often, middle school and high school teachers say, ‘These students are lacking number sense.’ These books will help secondary teachers with good pedagogy to help build number sense in a creative way. John SanGiovanni and Eric Milou have created short routines that are teacher-friendly, with lots of examples, and easy to adapt to each teacher’s needs. These are the books that secondary teachers have been waiting for to help engage students in building number sense.”

Pamela J. Dombrowski, Secondary Math Specialist
Geary County School District, Junction City, KS

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