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Democratic Principals in Action

Democratic Principals in Action
Eight Pioneers

January 1995 | 192 pages | Corwin

Grounded in the day-to-day practicalities of school life, this book records the shared musings of eight principals in their attempts to achieve the ideals of democracy and empowerment in their schools. In each case, these ideals are tempered by a range of bureaucratic and political obstacles, contradictions and complexities inherent in the education system.

William D Greenfield Jr
Studying Principals' Leadership
A Democratic Leader
Eliciting Teacher Voice and Monitoring Student Equity  
Teacher of Teachers
Empowerment in an Elementary School  
Tough Love
Loyalty, Commitment and Challenge in a Predominantly African American Middle School  
Initiating Democratic Schooling in a Large High School  
Guardian of the Mission
The Suburban High School Experience  
Gentle Pushes
Strength and Humanism in a Rural Secondary School  
"We're All in this Together"
Shared-Governance Experiences in a Middle and a High School  
Learning Democracy Together
Struggling with Shared Goverance in an Elementary School  
Democratic Leadership
Lessons Learned  
Resource A
Research Methods and Procedures  

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