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Developing Primary Mathematics Teaching

Developing Primary Mathematics Teaching
Reflecting on Practice with the Knowledge Quartet

March 2009 | 256 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This book helps readers to become better, more confident teachers of mathematics by enabling them to focus critically on what they know and what they do in the classroom. Building on their close observation of primary mathematics classrooms, the authors provide those starting out in the teaching profession with a four-stage framework which acts as a tool of support for developing their teaching:
  • Making sense of foundation knowledge – focusing on what teachers know about mathematics
  • Transforming knowledge – representing mathematics to learners through examples, analogies, illustrations, and demonstrations
  • Connection – helping learners to make sense of mathematics through understanding how ideas and concepts are linked to each other
  • Contingency – what to do when the unexpected happens

Each chapter includes practical activities, lesson descriptions, and extracts of classroom transcripts to help teachers reflect on effective practice. Video versions of these lessons are also available on a companion website.

Inside Naomi's Classroom
Knowledge for teaching mathematics: introducing the Knowledge Quartet framework
Transformation: using and understanding representations in mathematics teaching
Transformation: using examples in mathematics teaching
Making connections in mathematics teaching
Contingency: tales of the unexpected!
Foundation knowledge for teaching mathematics
Using the Knowledge Quartet to reflect on mathematics teaching

For PGCE students both early years and priamry and ECS who are studying maths in the early eyars

Mrs Mary Briggs
Warwick Institute of Education, Warwick University
October 14, 2010

A useful book but hard to find my way around. Comes with a CD with good classroom clips which would aid discussion about maths teaching.

Mrs Shirley Harrison
maths education, Sheffield Hallam University
May 4, 2010

This publication wa recommended at a National Strategies meeting for IT Maths Lecturerers. It is an excellent publication which develops and extends trainees understanding of primary mathematics teaching. The clips featured on the CD further enhanced their understanding.

Mrs Helen Jones
College of Education and Lifelong Learning, University of Wales, Bangor
March 22, 2010

Really like this one, particularly for our third year UGs on Primary Teaching course. Links nicely to their assignment and thinking about choices of examples for mathematics teaching. Also referring to with our second years taking a number module. Library recommended to hold several copies.

Miss Caroline Rickard
Primary Mathematics, Chichester University
October 20, 2009

Sample Materials & Chapters

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