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Development Theory

Development Theory

Second Edition

© 2010 | 272 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Written by one of the leading authorities in the field, the Second Edition of this successful book:

  • Situates students in the expanding field of development theory
  • Provides an unrivalled guide to the strengths and weaknesses of competing theoretical approaches
  • Explains key concepts
  • Examines the shifts in theory
  • Offers an agenda for the future

In this book, the author brings a huge range of experience and knowledge about the relationship between the economically advanced and the emerging, developing nations.

Trends in Development Theory
Development in Question  
The Status of Development Theory  
Meanings of 'Development' over Time  
Development Is Struggle  
The Development Field  
Trends in Development Theory  
Dilemmas of Development Discourse: The Crisis of Developmentalism and the Comparative Method
From Evolutionism to Development  
Development as Redemption  
The Crisis of Developmentalism  
From Bipolarity to Polycentrism  
The Deconstruction of the West  
The Development of Development Theory: Towards Critical Globalism
Notions of Change  
Development Theories in the Plural  
Modernization Revisited  
Critical Globalism  
Delinking or Globalization?
The Cultural Turn in Development: Questions of Power
National Culture  
Local Culture  
Add Culture and Stir  
Development and Cultural Liberty  
My Paradigm or Yours? Variations on Alternative Development
Alternative Development  
Alternative Development Paradigm  
Paradigm Politics  
Mainstream Development  
After Post-Development
Problematizing Poverty  
Critique of Modernism and Science  
Development as Discourse  
Alternatives to Development  
Dichotomic Thinking  
Politics of Post-Development  
Equity and Growth Revisited: From Human Development to Social Development
Social Development  
Redistribution with Growth  
Lessons of East Asia  
Human Development  
Lessons of Welfare States  
Social Capital  
Critical Holism and the Tao of Development
Remedying Remedies  
Wholeness, Holism  
Contradictions of Modernity  
Development and High Modernism  
Shortcuts and Other Remedies  
Towards the Tao of Development  
Digital Capitalism and Development: The Unbearable Lightness of ICT4D
Bridging the Digital Divide  
ICT4D as a Package Deal  
Digital Capitalism? Cyber Utopia  
ICT4D and Development Studies  
ICT4D and Development Policy  
Futures of Development
Futures of Development Thinking  
Development as Collective Learning  
Reflexive Modernity, Reflexive Development  
Twenty-First Century Globalization and Development
Twenty-First Century Globalization  
Turning Points  
New Development Era  
Development Pluralism  
International Development Cooperation  
After the Crisis  

This exciting book is a tour de force, spanning a broad range of approaches to development. It does not stop at critique, as so many previous books on these issues have done, but offers a unique perspective on future possibilities and the shape of things to come. It should be essential reading on all development studies courses
Andrea Cornwall
Institute of Development Studies, The University of Sussex

This marvellous book should be read by every social scientist interested in development studies
Keith Griffin
Dept of Economics, University of California at Riverside

This book provides a comprehensive account of Development theory and enables students to think critically about the subject.

Dr Godfrey Vincent
Political Science History Dept, Tuskegee University
August 5, 2016

This is an advanced text suitable for Masters, and in some cases, Honours students. We have also managed to work out an affordable price for our students and I am hoping to have this book prescribed for our Development Theory course at the Masters, and potentially Honours, level.

Dr Samantha Leonard
Department of Development Studies, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
June 8, 2015

This book explores many approaches to development. It examines key concepts and shifts in theory.

Mrs Marion Farnworth
Centre of Health & Childhood Studies, Hopwood Hall College
January 16, 2015


I initially ordered this book with my second year undergrad course in mind. However, due to the more advanced nature of this book I have decided to adopt it as a prescribed text for my Honours course in Dev studies.
As always, Pieterse has provided a sound overview of current development theory and trends. The book highlights important discourse in current Development Theory and each chapter can be used as a starting block for initiating further insight into current controversy and trends.

Dr Samantha Leonard
Department of Development Studies, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
May 20, 2013

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