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Undergraduate Courses

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BUSN315 Contemporary Business


COMM301 Communication Theory in Practice

COMM491 Senior Project I

COMM492 Senior Project II

Criminal Justice:

CRMJ300 Criminal Justice

CRMJ310 Law Enforcement

CRMJ315 Juvenile Justice

CRMJ320 Theory and Practice of Corrections

CRMJ400 Criminology

CRMJ410 Criminal Law and Procedure

CRMJ415 Deviant Behavior

CRMJ420 Criminal Investigation

CRMJ425 Ethics and Criminal Justice

CRMJ450 Terrorism Investigation

Human Resource Management:

HRM340 Human Resource Information Systems

Human Services:

HUMS480 Crisis Intervention

Justice Administration:

JADM100 Introduction to Criminal Justice

JADM110 Introduction to Criminology

JADM120 Introduction to Policing

JADM200 Introduction to Criminal Law

JADM210 Introduction to Corrections

JADM220 Introduction to Ethics and Criminal Justice

JADM230 Introduction to Juvenile Justice

JADM240 Introduction to the Criminal Courts

JADM300 Multiculturalism in Criminal Justice Systems

JADM310 Drugs and Society

JADM320 Criminal Procedure

JADM330 Victimology

JADM340 Criminal Evidence

JADM350 Research Methods in Criminal Justice

JADM403 Cybercrime

JADM407 Criminal Investigation

JADM413 Police Administration

JADM423 Terrorism Investigation

JADM445 Deviant Behavior

JADM455 Emergency Managment

JADM480 Homeland Security and Terrorism

JADM485 Security Intelligence Analysis


MGMT303 Principles of Managment

MGMT410 Human Resource Management


MKTG310 Consumer Behavior

MKTG320 Market Research


PSYC290 Lifespan Development

PSYC305 Motivation and Leadership

PSYC307 Motivation and Leadership

PSYC315 Social Psychology


SPCH275 Public Speaking

SPCH277 Interpersonal Communication