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Diagnosis and Treatment Planning Skills

Diagnosis and Treatment Planning Skills
A Popular Culture Casebook Approach

Third Edition

May 2024 | 512 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The Third Edition of Alan M. Schwitzer, Amber L. Pope, and Lawrence C. Rubin's Diagnosis and Treatment Planning Skills: A Popular Culture Casebook Approach thoroughly covers essential clinical thinking skills in professional counseling through classic and contemporary popular culture case examples. Fully revised for use with the DSM-5-TR, the text begins with discussion of diagnosis, case conceptualization, and current treatment planning practices, covering the interplay of individual clinical tools and their application in contemporary practice. Twenty DSM-5-TR updated case illustrations follow, representing a diverse range of individual differences and intersecting identities. Students will engage with each case illustration in a start-to-finish application of clinical tools.

Chapter 1: Clinical Thinking Skills: Diagnosis, Case Conceptualization, and Treatment Planning
Chapter 2: Diagnosis: Understanding and Using the DSM-5-TR
Chapter 3: Case Conceptualization: Making Sense of the Client’s Concerns
Chapter 4: Treatment Planning: Designing a Plan for Change
Chapter 5: Diagnosis, Case Conceptualization, and Treatment Planning: Twenty Case Illustrations With DSM-5-TR and Treatment Planning Updates
Appendix A: Practice, Practice, Practice! Three Popular Culture Case Learning Activities

This book provides a comprehensive approach to Diagnosis and Treatment Planning. The authors walk the reader through the process step-by step while making connections between the concepts and popular characters to ensure student understanding. This book has broken down case conceptualization into a 4-step process providing the knowledge necessary to conceptualize clients using a theoretical approach. This is a must have for your course.

Dr. Tanisha N. Sapp
Liberty University
Key features


  • Early chapters present in-depth discussion of diagnosis, the DSM-5-TR, case conceptualization, and treatment planning.
  • Twenty case illustrations, now fully updated for DSM-5-TR, are drawn from relevant pop culture characters to provide common ground for students as they develop their clinical skills.
  • Each case offers a start-to-finish illustration of the diagnosis and treatment planning process, offering students an extensive “caseload” of their own.
  • Diversity and intersectionality within the contexts of age, gender, nationality, socio-economic status, race, ethnicity, and culture are represented in the cases.
  • A fully revised feature set provides additional examples, including: 
    •  Intersections boxes discuss how clients exist within multiple social and identity categories 
    • Sreenshots boxes explore technology's influence on contemporary mental health practice, such as the growth of telemedicine. 
    • Clinical Spotlights share insights from real-life clinical experiences such as trauma-informed care, child and adolescent needs, and adult presentations ranging from career counseling to psychosis.
    • Skill and Learning Exercises provide activities tied to the text's popular culture case illustrations

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