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Digital Leadership

Digital Leadership
Changing Paradigms for Changing Times

Second Edition (Revised Edition)
  • Eric Sheninger - International Center for Leadership in Education (ICLE)

Foreword by Sugata Mitra, A Joint Publication With ICLE

288 pages | Corwin

 Lead for efficacy in these disruptive times!

Just as the digital landscape is constantly evolving, the second edition of Digital Leadership moves past trends and fads to focus on the essence of leading innovative change in education now and in the future. As society and technology evolve at what seems a dizzying pace, the demands on leaders are changing as well. With a greater emphasis on leadership dispositions, this revamped edition also features

  • New structure and organization emphasizing the interconnectivity of the Pillars of Digital Leadership to drive sustainable change
  • Innovative strategies and leadership practices that enhance school culture and drive learning improvement
  • Updated vignettes from digital leaders who have successfully implemented the included strategies
  • New online resources, informative graphics, and end of chapter guiding questions

Now is the time to embrace innovation, technology, and flexibility to create a learning culture that provides students with 21st century critical competencies! 

About the Author
A Day in the Life of a Digital Leader
Chapter 1: How the Learning Landscape Has Changed
The Fourth Industrial Revolution  
Technology and Society  
A New Learner  
Guiding Questions  
Chapter 2: A Compelling Case for Change
A School Leader’s New Path Forward  
Excuses Hold Us Back  
You Get What You Model  
Embrace Innovation  
Bold Ideas for a Bold New World  
Grow Into a Digital Leader  
Guiding Questions  
Chapter 3: Leading Sustainable Change
The Journey of a Practitioner  
Unearthing the Secrets of Change  
The Process of Change  
Overcoming Potential Roadblocks to Change  
Moving Large Change Efforts Forward  
Guiding Questions  
Chapter 4: Leading Through a Digital Lens
A Superintendent’s Journey  
Be in the Driver’s Seat  
The Pillars of Digital Leadership  
ISTE Standards for Educational Leaders  
Future Ready Schools  
Guiding Questions  
Chapter 5: Improving Student Engagement, Learning, and Outcomes
School Should Reflect Real Life  
How Research Should Guide the Work  
Improving Pedagogy with a Learner-Focused Mindset and Framework  
Moving from Teaching to Empowered Learning  
A Pedagogical Foundation for Digital Tools  
Rigorous and Relevant Learning as the Standard  
Digital Learning in Action  
A Focus on Critical Competencies  
Digital Citizenship and Responsibility  
Guiding Questions  
Chapter 6: Transforming Learning Spaces and Environments
Clark Hall––A Creative Learning Environment  
Designing Schools to Engage and Drive Learning  
Devices for All (1:1)  
Improving Access With BYOD  
Blended Learning Versus Blended Instruction  
Individualized and Personalized Learning  
Guiding Questions  
Chapter 7: Professional Growth and Learning
A Shift in Professional Learning  
The Rise of Social Media as a Tool for Growth in Professional Practice  
Personal Learning Networks (PLNs)  
Connectedness as the Standard  
The Professional Growth Period  
Why Every Leader Needs a PLN  
Guiding Questions  
Chapter 8: Communication
No Better Time Than Now  
Trailblazers Modeling the Way  
Engage Stakeholders Using a Multifaceted Approach  
Guiding Questions  
Chapter 9: Public Relations
A District Forges a New Path  
Tell Your Story  
We Need More Stories of Success  
Guiding Questions  
Chapter 10: Branding
A Move to BrandED Thinking  
Two Conversations Around BrandED Thinking  
Why a BrandED Mindset Matters  
The Right Hashtag  
Guiding Questions  
Chapter 11: Discovering Opportunity
Strategic Partnerships  
Leveraging Social Media  
The Interconnectedness of the Pillars of Digital Leadership  
Guiding Questions  
Chapter 12: Leading for Efficacy
A Shining Example: Wells Elementary School  
A Push for Efficacy  
Guiding Questions  
Online Resources

This book will equip leaders to model the skills, competencies, and pillars of Digital Leadership like never before. One of the biggest misnomers of this generation is the idea that leadership is an act of knowing. The thing that’s truly missing in many schools is modeling. Sheninger’s Digital Leadership (2nd Edition) tackles the leadership gap head on by moving leaders from knowing the way to showing the way.

Dr. Brad Gustafson, Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Digital Innovation in Learning Award Winner, and National Distinguished Principal

Dr. Brad Gustafson, Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Digital Innovation in Learning Award Winner, and National Distinguished Principal
Dr. Brad Gustafson, Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Digital Innovation in Learning Award Winner, and National Distinguished Principal
Dr. Brad Gustafson, Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Digital Innovation in Learning Award Winner, and National Distinguished Principal
Key features

After reading this book which is laid out in full color for ease of use and reading, you will be able to:

  • Identify obstacles to change and specific solutions to overcome them in order to transform teaching, learning, and leadership in the digital age
  • Work smarter, not harder, by aligning a digital-leaning mindset to leadership practices to enhance school culture and improve stakeholder relations
  • Leverage the digital resources and personalized pathways to grow professionally like never before
  • Readily implement practical digital leadership strategies aligned to research and proven in action through practitioner vignettes.

This book is also notable for a Foreword by Sugata Metra

HMH is going to invest resources in a graphic design and creative support capacity. HMH will help make his ideas visual.

Connecting Hattie’s work to the work he is doing in digital pedagogy. Focusing on visible learning when he discusses digital pedagogy. Everything he does aligns with core values at Corwin.  


From the author –


In terms of a revision I would plan on overhauling the chapters on Student Learning and Opportunity extensively. I will add research throughout on the role of technology, connections to John Hattie’s work on leadership, and some emphasis on coaching from Jim Knight. The remaining chapters would be made more evergreen, aligned to the latest research, addition of more practical examples, and outdated tools would be removed.



A lot of the material is already in what he has been developing through speaking engagements and on the blog. Take out a lot of numbers, specific software references, and tools that aren’t relevant from the 1st edition. I could finish the revision by May, 2018.


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