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Discover the Alchemist Within

Discover the Alchemist Within
Taking the First Step Towards Personal Growth

  • Kartikeyan V. - Leadership and organization consultant, coach and facilitator
  • Rachna Nandakumar - Consultant, areas of strategic human resources and organization development
  • Vishwanath P. - President and CEO, Institute of Transformational Coaching LLC

December 2018 | 268 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd

You are more! You are more than the roles you play in your life, more than a set of behaviours, more than what you have been told you are. So, then, who are you? This question beckons you to commence on what may be the biggest adventure of a lifetime—the journey of discovering yourself.

In this book, the authors shift the focus from the utilitarian paradigm of ‘being the best’ to ‘being more of yourself’. This is a book for those wanting to embark upon the path of self-discovery and wholeness. It deftly weaves together elements from Karnatik music, psychology, Eastern and Indian principles of life and living to help individuals, leaders and organization systems to build meaningful agency and live integrally in the times we are in.

The exploration is made more exciting by the 4 worlds and 16 symbolic identities that exist within each of us. The book gives expression to every human being and helps readers identify the constellation of identities that are uniquely playing out in their lives. Psychological identities like the Mother, the Trickster, the Warrior and the Ruler have been part of the inner worlds of all of us and will continue to be. The book brings to fore the patterns, dilemmas, gifts and the drama of the different worlds and their inhabitants, and by befriending them, we befriend parts of ourselves. We become more.

Foreword by Anil Sachdev
An Invitation to the Alchemist in You
Introduction to the Transformative Alignment Map
The Four Worlds
The World of Structure and Order
The World of Autonomy and Initiative
The World of Connectedness and Nurturance
The World of Flow and Unfolding
The Sixteen Symbolic Identities
The Administrator
The Artiste
The Collaborator
The Curious Child
The Custodian
The Guide–Mentor
The Healer
The Mother
The Muse
The Provider of Resources
The Ruler
The Strategist
The Troubleshooter
The Trickster
The Warlord
The Warrior–Crusader
The TAM Playbook
The Way Forward
Appendix 1: The Two Axes of Orientation
Appendix 2: TAM Self-assessment/TAM Self-certification

“A book that brings into the world a rare seeking that is often kept at a distance.... The authors have proposed a ‘musical composition’ that smudges organizational and individual separators, persuading the philosopher and the pragmatist to find each other within themselves.”

T M Krishna,
Karnatik Vocalist, Writer, Social Commentator, Magsaysay Award Winner

Through this book, we are introduced to the Transformative Alignment Map (TAM), which is a profound concept that seeks to explain the relationship between the individual and the system. The high level of clarity that the authors have about the concept has enabled them to treat this complex subject with astounding simplicity. The engaging style of writing makes this book a compulsory read.

R. Seshasayee,
Chairman, IndusInd Bank

An alchemist is one who transmutes something ordinary into something special. There is an alchemist in each of us waiting to help know and value ourselves. The authors through their sound philosophical foundation and deep research combined with magical insights have created a framework that allows us to discover our inner nature and helps us align within and with others as well as with the context. Read on to discover yourself and enjoy awakening the alchemist in you….

Ravi Kyran,
President, Human Resources, Bajaj Auto Limited

At a time when more and more individuals search for meaning and alignment in their organizational roles, the authors offer through Discover the Alchemist Within a refreshingly new perspective by means of a bold and ingenious synthesis of the essence of Karnatik music and Jungian psychology. Brilliant!

Ganesh Chella,
Vice Chairman and Managing Director, Coaching Foundation India (CFI), and Co-author, HR Here and Now

The TAM, introduced to us through this book, is a refreshing approach to working simultaneously with the layers of self-role in an organizational context. The framework is inviting and yet not definitive in boxing you down. Through a playful yet serious narrative, the authors encourage you to discover and then shape aspects of your stances that contribute to or hinder a more wholesome engagement in multiple roles and systems.

Rosemary Viswanath,
Managing Trustee, Group Relations India
Key features

·         A lucid and ready-to-use model (already in use by the authors in coaching and consulting work) to trigger commitment to act for personal growth.

·         Uses symbolic identities creating a canvas for the reader to engage in serious self-reflection.

·         Creates a bridge between the world of “self” and the world of “roles” – thus helping the reader understand what can enhance resonance between the two and identify the roots of disagreement.

·         Provides a self-assessment workbook with a step-by-step approach to explore one’s specific identity to move towards greater alignment between self and the various roles that need to be played.

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