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Discovering Leadership

Discovering Leadership
Designing Your Success

Second Edition

January 2023 | SAGE Publications, Inc
Prepare your students to lead the future.

Discovering Leadership: Designing Your Success provides a practical, engaging foundation and easy-to-understand framework for individuals to purposefully design leadership. This action-oriented text starts with the self and helps students understand their individual strengths, styles, and skills through numerous reflection opportunities. Next, the text explores the relational aspects of leadership and best practices for motivating and inspiring followers. Finally, the text concludes by examining how leaders can transform their communities and create lasting, positive change. Practical applications and activities in each chapter help students develop their confidence, optimism, resiliency, and engagement. Regardless of your students’ background or major, they will gain the knowledge and skills they need to become thoughtful, impactful leaders. 

Key features


  • Two unique themes are emphasized across all chapters of this book: 
    • The purposeful design of leadership
    • Developing core capacities to face an unpredictable future
  • A uniquely useful design framework engages students in the purposeful design of their own leadership. This design approach organizes leadership into five major design challenges, each of which comprises a distinct and separate module aligned with the core components of the leadership definition, starting with the student’s design of themselves.
  • New DEI by Design sections introduce key concepts to help students understand how to embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion through leadership.
  • New Chapter 4 "Your Why and What for Leading" prompts students to consider their reasons for leading (their “why”) and the world in which they want to lead (their “what”), together which make up their purpose.
  • CORE Attribute Builders comprise of engaging, experiential activities that students can actively work on to develop their confidence, optimism, resilience, and engagement. 
  • Skill Builder Activities are self-directed activities, tested for learning success in and out of real classrooms, in which students can develop important skills and gain richer understanding of specific concepts.
  • Leadership that Makes a Difference features profile leaders that have had an impact, many of whom students will find unexpected, to broaden students’ conception of who is a leader and what it means to make a difference.
  • Leadership by Design introduces students to different design principles and rules that designers use to enhance their product and can be applied to leadership to encourage exploration, discussion, and new ways of thinking.
  • A unique section on designing the future with cutting-edge topics such as fostering a culture of innovation, entrepreneurial leadership, and seeing the long-term and big picture with sustainability and systems.
  • Myth or Reality? features examine perceptions and misconceptions of leadership and commonly held beliefs through established research and practice. 
  • Reflection Questions prompt deeper thinking and discussion about the topics. 

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