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Do the Math!

Do the Math!
On Growth, Greed, and Strategic Thinking

© 2013 | 392 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
How do pyramid scams work? Are reality television shows fair? Why are sports so uncompetitive? Who really broke the bank in 2009?

Our world has become more complicated, and the notion of growth at any cost has led to constant economic uncertainty, a permanently stressed-out workforce, and everyday stories of government and corporate abuse. Author John K. White argues that a better knowledge of basic systems is needed to understand the world we live in, from pyramid scams to government bailouts, from sports leagues to stock markets, from the everyday to the seemingly complex.

Do the Math! is a fresh look at the numbers of daily living, providing a thought-provoking guide to better understanding the world around us and enlightening consumers about misleading practice. Numerous creative examples and illustrative figures help to explain the realities of our ever-confusing mathematical world, and modern economic and contemporary social issues link mathematical concepts to real-world examples.

Do The Math…Understand “The Normal Curve” and “Debt and Demographics” in 100 seconds! Click Here.

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Chapter 1. The doubling game: From Thomas Malthus to Bernie Madoff
Chapter 2. She told two friends and they told two friends and they told two friends and...
Chapter 3. The mathematics of change: A new world model
Chapter 4. Fairness and uncertainty: Who watches the watchers?
Chapter 5. Statistics made simple: The science of weighting
Chapter 6. A case for correlation: Sampling and inference from Shakespeare to death row to sports competitiveness
Chapter 7. Counting and computers: From Boole to Google and back
Chapter 8. Who to believe? Numbers and the art of deception
Chapter 9. Two kinds of people: Those who divide and those who don't
Chapter 10. How to get along: Be nice, clear your ice
Chapter 11. Cooperation: The art and science of agreement
Chapter 12. The roots of economic disaster: Making money from money

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